Sponsors of the ISC

REF TEK designs and manufactures application specific, battery-operated, field-portable, high-performance geophysical data acquisition devices for the global market. With over 35 years of experience, REF TEK provides customers with complete turnkey solutions that include high resolution recorders, broadband sensors, state-of-the-art communications (V-SAT, GPRS, etc), installation, training, and continued customer support. Over 7,000 REF TEK instruments are currently being used globally for multiple applications. From portable earthquake monitoring to telemetry earthquake monitoring, earthquake aftershock recording to structural monitoring and more, REF TEK equipment is suitable for a wide variety of application needs.

Supporters of the ISC-GEM catalogue

CTBTO is currently funding the IDC Link to the ISC Database. This service is available to States Parties to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.