Final Reviewed Network Bulletins:
Schedule of Delivery to the ISC

Final reviewed bulletin data from networks, data centres and observatories are welcome at the ISC as soon as they are ready.

On submission these data soon become available from the ISC web-site as part of preliminary automatic ISC Bulletin.
This schedule shows the latest dates by which bulletin data must be received at the ISC in order to be included in the Reviewed ISC Bulletin.

Collection Schedule for The ISC
DataDate required
Jan 20111st Feb 2012
Feb 20111st Mar 2012
Mar 20111st Apr 2012
Apr 20111st May 2012
May 20111st Jun 2012
Jun 20111st Jul 2012
Jul 20111st Aug 2012
Aug 20111st Sep 2012
Sep 20111st Oct 2012
Oct 20111st Nov 2012
Nov 20111st Dec 2012
Dec 20111st Jan 2013

Jan 20121st Feb 2013
Feb 20121st Mar 2013
Mar 20121st Apr 2013
Apr 20121st May 2013
May 20121st Jun 2013
Jun 20121st Jul 2013
Jul 20121st Aug 2013
Aug 20121st Sep 2013
Sep 20121st Oct 2013
Oct 20121st Nov 2013
Nov 20121st Dec 2013
Dec 20121st Jan 2014
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