The ISC Bulletin is freely available both online and via the ISC ftp site. However, users may choose to purchase CDs of the data or copies of the printed Bulletin.

CDs of the Reviewed ISC Bulletin

The CDs contain a bulletin (events and phases) and a catalogue (events only) from the Reviewed ISC Bulletin, in multiple formats (ISF, FFB and pdf).

For a list of available CDs and their contents, visit the CD contents page.

CD volume 21: 2010 - individual/academic/nonprofit (£25)
CD volume 21: 2010 - commercial (£50)
All previous CD volumes (1 to 20: 1964-2009) - individual/academic/nonprofit (£50)
All previous CD volumes (1 to 20: 1964-2009) - commercial (£100)

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Printed publications

  • The Reviewed ISC Bulletin (1964 - present)
  • The printed Reviewed ISC Bulletin is published approximately two years after earthquakes occur, and contains all relevant information for a given month's earthquakes. For each event the origin estimates given by other agencies are listed, followed by the refined estimate calculated by the Centre. This gives origin time, latitude, longitude and depth with standard errors. The earthquake's felt effects and any unusual scientific features are also described. Magnitudes are calculated from body waves and surface waves when individual stations report measurements of amplitude and period, or their ratio. In recent years determinations of seismic moment, source mechanism and centroid moment tensor solutions are included for large earthquakes.

    An annual subscription to the printed ISC Bulletin:

    Individual/academic/nonprofit (£110)
    Commercial (£220)

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  • Regional catalogue of earthquakes (1964-2000)
  • The bi-annual regional catalogue is a compilation of earthquake origin parameters and macroseismic reports, without the detailed station observations of the ISC Bulletin. It contains:

    • a list of major earthquakes: mb > 5.5 for shallow and intermediate focus; mb > 5 for deep focus;
    • a list of earthquakes reported as felt or damaging;
    • a list of probable explosions;
    • a catalogue of events grouped by geographic region

    The catalogue also lists all stations known to have reported to the ISC and other agencies in the first volume of each year. These are listed alphabetically by name and code and also by geographic region.

    Regional catalogue (£60) Enter year (1964-2000):

  • Felt and damaging earthquakes (1976-1990)
    • The felt and damaging earthquakes publication was published annually and lists those earthquakes which were reported as being felt or damaging.
    Felt and damaging earthquakes (£10) Enter year (1976-1990):

  • Bibliography of seismology (1965-1995)
    • The bi-annual bibliography gives full reference to seismological publications. These references are listed by subject and author; citations to individual earthquakes are also given. The bibliography is available to search on-line.

    Bibliography of seismology (£45) Enter year (1965-1995):