Past Projects

Rebuild of the ISC Bulletin

Following its move to the ak135 velocity model and the new location algorithm (ISCloc), the ISC has been involved in rebuilding the ISC Bulletin. On completion, the rebuilt ISC Bulletin will include many additional data and have improved ISC locations computed using a consistent method.

SKS Splitting Project

During 2002-2003, the ISC and the School of Earth Sciences of University of Leeds undertook a joint project to automatically measure shear wave splitting. The original plan was to ensure that the new measurements continue to be made and included in the ISC Bulletin after the project concludes. Despite a general success of the project, automatic SKS-splitting measurements were never made operational at the ISC. We nevertheless continue providing an access to a set of quality results achieved under this project.

Bibliography of Seismology

This form provides a rudimentary search of the database from the Bibliography of Seismology. The database was compiled by the Canadian Dominion Observatory for 1956 to 1964 and by the International Seismological Centre for 1965 to 1995.

Current Projects

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