Rebuild of the ISC Bulletin

Following its move to the ak135 velocity model and the new location algorithm (ISCloc), the ISC has been involved in rebuilding the ISC Bulletin. On completion, the rebuilt ISC Bulletin will include many additional data and have improved ISC locations computed using a consistent method. This project is funded by the NSF in the United States, CEA in China, IMD in India and both JAMSTEC and ERI in Japan.

CTBTO link to the ISC database (only available to States Parties of the CTBT)

The CTBTO link to the ISC database is a collection of tools for manipulating the seismological datasets maintained at the ISC. These include the ISC Bulletin, the IDC Reviewed Event Bulletin (REB), the EHB Bulletin and the IASPEI reference events. The link provides details on seismicity, frequency-magnitude distributions, network hypocentre comparisons, individual station data and waveform request tools.