Collected data

All data that is sent to the ISC for inclusion in the ISC Bulletin is available in its original format. The data is received at the ISC using an automated email 'capture' system. The 'capture' system was first implemented in October 1999, with the earliest data available from 1997.

The raw data can be accessed by searching for a data report sent to the ISC, either by date (1999 and later) and optionally by agency:

Search reports

The ISC also provides access to all station readings stored at the ISC. This includes those data that are unable to be associated to events and are therefore not included in the ISC Bulletin. The readings can be searched using specific station codes or by defining a region to search for stations. Please note: this is the collected data received at the ISC and should not be used as data from the ISC Bulletin. A separate page is available to search for arrivals in the Bulletin.

Search collected readings