Director's reports

The Director's report is published annually and provides details of the Centre's operations and achievements for the previous year.

Director's report: 2012 (pdf)

The year 2012 was another successful year for the ISC and its data users. As many as 17 members of staff worked at the Centre during the year as the ISC was involved in several major projects. Bulletin data for earthquakes and explosions in 2010-­‐2012, as well as earthquake data in 1900-­‐1977 were added to the ISC database. Historical station bulletin data from the ISC warehouse were put to good use as part of the works on the ISC-­‐GEM Catalogue. In cooperation with the INGV, we started scanning the paper-­‐based station bulletin collection at the ISC. A link between the computer facilities at CTBTO and the ISC database was further enhanced with assistance on relevant waveform retrieval. The ISC database and the website mirror was operated at the IRIS DMC and ERI. The GT list and the Station Registry have been further updated. The work on the Event Bibliography started. A large number of scientific articles indicate an extensive use of the ISC data by researchers worldwide.

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