ISC Products and Services

The following is the list of current ISC products and services. We recommend that users use this list to decide which ISC product suits their research needs best:

  • ISC Bulletin - the most complete definitive long-term summary of the Earth’s natural seismicity and other seismic events - used across many fields of Geosciences; the most comprehensive description is given in printed Summaries of the ISC Bulletin

  • ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue - substantially extended and improved list of moderate to large global earthquakes with homogeneous location and magnitude estimates - serves the requirements of seismic hazard and risk modelling studies as well as global and regional earthquake forecasting

  • ISC-EHB bulletin - teleseismically well-constrained events selected according to strict criteria from the ISC Bulletin and relocated using the EHB algorithm to minimise hypocentre location errors, especially depth errors – widely used in tomographic studies of the inner structure of the Earth as well as general studies of seismicity and tectonics

  • International Seismograph Station Registrythe list of globally unique codes and major parameters of stations engaged in the international data exchange – facilitates use of modern and historical earthquake bulletins as well as the international waveform storage and exchange

  • IASPEI Reference Event List (GT) - a database of earthquakes and explosions for which hypocentral information is known with high confidence and with seismic signals recorded at teleseismic distances – used in a variety of calibration tasks for improving earth models, seismic wave travel times and earthquake location

  • ISC Event Bibliography - references to scientific publications related to specific natural and anthropogenic events in a given geographical region and time period – used in education, scientific publishing and general multidisciplinary research

  • Dataset Repository - a supplementary archival service - used by individual researchers or groups to submit seismological datasets that they wish to be openly available to scientific community for a long period of time.

  • Electronic Archive of Printed Station/Network Bulletins - scans of worldwide seismic bulletins - used for studies of pre-digital earthquakes and for retrieving information about analogue stations.

  • International Seismological Contacts - the worldwide contact details of seismological organisations and seismologists – used in emergencies and for facilitating international scientific cooperation.

  • CTBTO Link - The CTBTO Link to the ISC Database – a collection of tools for manipulating the seismological datasets maintained at the ISC. (Only available to States Parties of the CTBT)