• Since November 2013:

    the project to extend the ISC-GEM Catalogue is led by Dmitry Storchak and Domenico Di Giacomo (ISC, UK), with scientific support from Bob Engdahl (University of Colorado, USA) for the two-tier relocation procedure. Further IT, admin and technical staff at the ISC are working on the project.

  • May 2010-January 2013:

    The project was led by Dmitry Storchak with scientific input from Willie Lee. The work on this project was performed by the Team of International Experts:

    • Domenico Di Giacomo, István Bondár, James Harris and Dmitry Storchak (ISC, UK),
    • Bob Engdahl (University of Colorado, USA),
    • Antonio Villaseñor (IES Jaume Almera, Spain),
    • Peter Bormann (GFZ, emeritus, Germany),
    • Willie Lee (USGS, emeritus, US),
    • Graziano Ferrari (INGV/SISMOS, Italy).

    The Team of IASPEI observers was led by Peter Suhadolc (Univ. of Trieste, Italy) and included:

    • Göran Ekström (GCMT Project, Columbia University, US),
    • Roger Musson (BGS, UK),
    • Johannes Schweitzer (NORSAR, Norway),
    • Nobuo Hamada (JMA, emeritus, Japan).

    A large number of institutions/individuals as well as IT, admin and technical staff at the ISC contributed to the project.