General Sponsors

MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, Inc. is responsible for the core of risk-related service businesses in the MS&AD group. We provide services which meet various expectations of the clients, including consulting, research and investigation, seminars and publications for risk management in addition to the think-tank functions.

Sponsors of the ISC-GEM Advancement Project

02/2022 - 01/2025

Sponsor of the CTBTO Link to the ISC database

CTBTO is currently funding the IDC Link to the ISC Database. This service is available to States Parties to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

GeoSIG provides earthquake, seismic, structural, dynamic and static monitoring and measuring solutions As an ISO Certified company, GeoSIG is a world leader in design and manufacture of a diverse range of high quality, precision instruments for vibration and earthquake monitoring. GeoSIG instruments are at work today in more than 100 countries around the world with well-known projects such as the NetQuakes installation with USGS and Oresund Bridge in Denmark. GeoSIG offers off-the-shelf solutions as well as highly customised solutions to fulfil the challenging requirements in many vertical markets including the following:

  • Earthquake Early Warning and Rapid Response (EEWRR)
  • Seismic and Earthquake Monitoring and Measuring
  • Industrial Facility Seismic Monitoring and Shutdown
  • Structural Analysis and Ambient Vibration Testing
  • Induced Vibration Monitoring
  • Research and Scientific Applications

SARA designs and manufactures seismometers, accelerometers and portable multichannel seismographs for both seismology and applied geophysics. Since 2002 we have provided over 5,000 seismic units, 15,000 acceleration transducers and 15,000 geophysical exploration channels to thousands of professionals and researchers who are using our equipment with success.

Providing low-cost instrumentation for developing countries is our main goal. We provided instruments with radio telemetry in remote areas for example, a seismic array down to 285 meters in a borehole. Engineers use our systems to monitor historical monuments in Italy and in the Middle East. Earthquake Early Warning Systems in Italy and Turkey use our accelerometers and accelerographs.

We also run our own seismic network including a small aperture seismic array in central Italy. We developed our seismological software SEISMOWIN which provides full support for all international file formats and communication standards such as miniSEED, GSE, SeedLink and a number of tools for earthquake location and site assessment. The GEOEXPLORER software suite offers a number of modules for geological surveys.

Gaiacode is a science based, forward looking, innovative company designing and building the next generation of seismic instrumentation.