Summary of the Bulletin of the ISC

The Summary of the Bulletin of the ISC is a biannual printed product that replaced the previous paper-based Bulletin that listed hypocentre solutions and station readings published by the ISC. It is published soon after the analysis of the Reviewed ISC Bulletin for the corresponding time period is completed by the ISC analysts.

This relatively new publication was first published in 2013 and comprised data year 2010. The Summary presents an overview and analysis of half a year of ISC data and also contains information on the ISC itself, its supporters and data providers, the history, staff and working statutes, as well as important seismological standards and procedures used by the ISC in its operations. In addition, we include small articles on notable seismic events that occurred during the half-year period, and articles describing the history and operational standards and procedures used at various observatories and networks that contribute their data to the ISC.

The Summary is published two or three times a year. For the first two months after publication it is only available to ISC members and Summary subscribers. After two months it is publicly available online.

Full issues of the Summary and all articles are available here:

Please cite as: International Seismological Centre, Summ. Bull. Internatl. Seismol. Cent., Title (January - June 20xx or July - December 20xx), Vol(No), Thatcham, United Kingdom, 20xx.

We hope that you would find this publication useful in your work. If your home-institution or company is unable, for one reason or another, to support the long-term international operations of the ISC in full by becoming a Member, then, please, consider subscribing to this publication by contacting us at

Figure 9.10: Map of all hypocentres collected by the ISC for the period Jan-June 2010. The scatter shows the large variation of the multiple hypocentres that are reported for each event. Compare with Figure 10.2 Figure 10.2: Map of all events in the ISC Bulletin for the period of Jan-June 2014. Prime hypocentre locations are shown. Compare with Figure 9.10.

Data prior to 2010 have been summarised in various poster presentations. A selection of these annual summaries are shown below. Details of where the posters were presented may be found on the papers and presentations page.

Earlier Presentations: