Search the Event Bibliography

Use this page to search the ISC Event Bibliography for publications linked to seismic events (natural or man made) in the ISC Bulletin.

Search using a customised polygon (the default is a global search) via the interactive map below, together with an event time range, and, optionally, publication parameters such as year, journal and author.

About the Event Bibliography search

Use this search to output publications available in the ISC Event Bibliography.

Output format

For each event, the output shows:

  • The event header line with the ISC event identifier, the prime hypocentre along with the agency, the preferred magnitude estimation, the total number of publications linked to the event, and, finally, if available, the Event code. Links to the ISC Bulletin for the events found are also provided.
  • References in a format widely accepted by most journals. If available, links to the papers are provided via the DOI, or to the journal home page.

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