This is a new supplementary ISC service that allows individual researchers or groups to submit seismological datasets that they wish to be openly available to scientific community for a long period of time.

This service will assist a positive trend in scientific publishing to require article authors to make the original research data openly available so that their conclusions could be both tested and used by other researchers.

The examples of acceptable datasets include but not limited to:

  • Event catalogues/bulletins
  • Results of earthquake source studies
  • Results of structure studies
  • Velocity models
  • Notable earthquake observations
  • Seismological computer code
  • Other

We do not envisage storing raw waveforms as this role falls within the mission of other data centres.

This long-term secure repository of seismic datasets includes all necessary metadata such as a DOI, author contact information, affiliation, relevant scientific publication, date of submission as well as associated information such as comments, formats, positions of relevant seismic stations etc.

The ISC shall obtain the DOI for each submitted dataset via CrossRef.

The ISC Repository is an open facility that has a good potential to serve geophysicists for a very long time. This facility is likely to be recognised by scientific journal editors as one of the legitimate independently maintained places for depositing author processed datasets to satisfy editorial board requirements on open access to data.


By submitting your dataset, you are acknowledging that you have permission of all your co-authors to do so.

The ISC will make reasonable efforts to check submitted material for compliance to stated expectations, but ultimately, we carry no responsibility for the content of submitted materials, which lies on the authors of submitted materials.

We reserve the right to refuse depositing certain materials that in our view do not satisfy scientific interests of our community.