Earthquake Index

This is a time ordered list of event codes used in the bibliographies. Events codes are generally mnemonic, but each is

  • unique
  • no longer than 15 characters
  • otherwise includes only numbers, hyphen, and upper case letters.

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EQ CodeEarthquake Description Agcyyyyy:mm:ddhh:mm:ssLatLonmag
FLORES96 Earthquake in the Flores Sea, Indonesia NEIC1996:06:1711:22:19 7.1 S122.6 E6.6
CHIMBOTE96 Off coast earthquake with tsunami near Chimbote, Peru NEIC1996:02:2112:51:04 9.6 S 79.6 W5.8
YUNNAN96 Earthquake in Yunnan Province, China NEIC1996:02:0311:14:2027.3 N100.3 E6.3
RIDGECREST95B Ridgecrest earthquake, central California NEIC1995:09:2023:27:3635.8 N117.6 W5.0
GUERRERO95 Guerrero earthquake, Mexico NEIC1995:09:1414:04:3116.8 N 98.6 W6.4
RIDGECREST95A Ridgecrest earthquake, central California NEIC1995:08:1722:39:5935.8 N117.7 W5.3
CHILE95 Earthquake near the coast of northern Chile NEIC1995:07:3005:11:2423.4 S 70.3 W6.6
GREECE95 Earthquake in the Aiyion area, Gulf of Corinth, Greece NEIC1995:06:1500:15:4938.4 N 22.3 E6.0
ARTHURSPASS95 Arthur's Pass earthquake, South Island, New Zealand NEIC1995:05:2910:06:4243.1 S171.5 E4.5
SAKHALIN95 Sakhalin Island earthquake NEIC1995:05:2713:03:5652.6 N142.8 E6.6
NGREECE95 Earthquake in northern Greece NEIC1995:05:1308:47:1340.1 N 21.7 E6.2
THESSALONIKI95 Earthquake close to Thessaloniki, Greece NEIC1995:05:0400:34:1240.7 N 23.5 E5.1
HONSHU95 Earthquake off the east coast of Honshu, Japan NEIC1995:02:2305:01:2339.7 N143.7 E5.6
MILPAALTA95 Earthquake near Milpa Alta, central Mexico NEIC1995:01:2105:51:5219.3 N 99.0 W
ANTIOCH95 Earthquake near Antioch, Oklahoma, USA NEIC1995:01:1815:51:3934.8 N 97.6 W
SHYOGO95 Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake near Kobe, Japan NEIC1995:01:1620:46:5134.5 N135.0 E6.4
HONSHU94 Earthquake off the east coast of Honshu, Japan NEIC1994:12:2812:19:2340.5 N143.4 E6.4
BAYOFPLENTY94 Off coast earthquake, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand NEIC1994:12:1511:20:2237.3 S177.5 E5.9
GUERRERO94B Guerrero earthquake, Mexico NEIC1994:12:1016:17:3918.1 N101.4 W6.6
MINDORO94 Earthquake and tsunami, Mindoro Island, Philippines ISC1994:11:1419:15:3113.6 N121.1 E6.1
SAFRICA94 Earthquake in South Africa ISC1994:10:3006:06:2728.0 S 26.7 E5.5
GUERRERO94A Guerrero earthquake, Mexico ISC1994:10:2916:44:1417.5 N 99.5 W4.5
HOKKAIDO94A Hokkaido Toho-Oki aftershock, Japan ISC1994:10:0907:55:3543.9 N148.0 E6.5
OBI94 Earthquake and tsunami, Obi Island, Indonesia ISC1994:10:0821:44:08 1.2 S128.0 E6.1
HOKKAIDO94 Hokkaido Toho-Oki earthquake and tsunami, Japan ISC1994:10:0413:22:5843.7 N147.4 E7.2
RABAUL94 Earthquake near Rabaul, New Britain ISC1994:09:1716:51:02 4.3 S152.3 E4.8
TAIWAN94 Taiwan Strait earthquake ISC1994:09:1606:20:2022.5 N118.8 E6.4
THAILAND94 Earthquake in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand ISC1994:09:1101:32:0419.6 N 99.5 E5.1
SDEPROV94C Earthquake in Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina ISC1994:08:1910:02:5226.6 S 63.4 W6.2
MASCARA94 Mascara earthquake, northern Algeria ISC1994:08:1801:13:0635.5 N 0.1 W5.5
RUKWA94 Earthquake near Lake Rukwa, Tanzania ISC1994:08:1800:45:47 7.5 S 31.7 E5.9
BOLIVIA94B Earthquake in the Peru-Bolivia border region ISC1994:08:0807:55:4013.9 S 68.3 W5.3
NCAROLINA94 Earthquake in North Carolina, USA ISC1994:08:0619:54:0834.9 N 76.4 W
CESSNOCK94 Earthquake near Cessnock, New South Wales ISC1994:08:0611:03:5232.9 S151.2 E5.1
ARTHURSPASS94 Arthur's Pass earthquake, South Island, New Zealand ISC1994:06:1803:25:1543.1 S171.6 E6.0
LOPNOR94 Lop Nor nuclear explosion, China ISC1994:06:1006:25:5841.5 N 88.7 E5.8
BOLIVIA94 Earthquake in northern Bolivia ISC1994:06:0900:33:1713.9 S 67.5 W6.9
COLOMBIA94 Colombian earthquake ISC1994:06:0620:47:44 3.0 N 76.0 W6.3
NANAO94 Nanao offshore earthquake, Taiwan ISC1994:06:0501:09:3224.5 N121.9 E6.0
JAVA94 Earthquake with tsunami south of Java, Indonesia ISC1994:06:0218:17:3710.4 S112.9 E5.7
HUALIEN94 Hualien offshore earthquake, Taiwan ISC1994:05:2404:00:4223.9 N122.5 E6.1
GUERRERO94 Earthquake near the coast of Guerrero, Mexico ISC1994:05:2301:41:4418.2 N100.5 W5.9
SUMATERA94A Earthquake in southern Sumatera, Indonesia ISC1994:05:1121:14:34 2.1 S 99.7 E5.8
SDEPROV94B Earthquake in Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina ISC1994:05:1006:36:2928.5 S 63.0 W6.4
SDEPROV94A Earthquake in Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina ISC1994:04:2907:11:2928.3 S 63.2 W6.2
FIJI94 Earthquake in the Fiji Islands region ISC1994:03:0923:28:0518.0 S178.4 W6.6
SUMATERA94 Earthquake in southern Sumatera, Indonesia ISC1994:02:1517:07:44 5.0 S104.3 E5.9
HALMAHERA94 Halmahera earthquake, Indonesia ISC1994:01:2102:24:30 1.0 N127.8 E6.2
NORTHRIDGE94 Northridge earthquake, Los Angeles, California ISC1994:01:1712:30:5534.1 N118.6 W6.4
BOLIVIA94A Earthquake in the Peru-Bolivia border region ISC1994:01:1015:53:5113.3 S 69.4 W6.4
SITALY94 Earthquake in southern Italy ISC1994:01:0513:24:1139.2 N 15.2 E5.7
KLAMATH93C Klamath Falls aftershock, Oregon, USA ISC1993:12:0422:15:2042.3 N122.0 W5.0
PARKFIELD93 Earthquake at Parkfield, California ISC1993:11:1412:25:3535.9 N120.6 W4.1
KAMCHATKA93 Earthquake near the east coast of Kamchatka ISC1993:11:1301:18:0451.9 N158.7 E6.4
MARKHAM93B Ramu Markham fault zone earthquake, eastern New Guinea ISC1993:10:2510:27:05 5.9 S146.0 E6.2
GUERRERO93C Earthquake near the coast of Guerrero, Mexico ISC1993:10:2407:52:1916.8 N 98.7 W6.2
JUJUY93C Earthquake in Jujuy Province, Argentina ISC1993:10:1904:02:2222.4 S 66.0 W5.8
MARKHAM93A Ramu Markham fault zone earthquake, eastern New Guinea ISC1993:10:1302:06:00 5.9 S146.0 E6.3
HONSHU93 Earthquake south of Honshu, Japan ISC1993:10:1115:54:2332.1 N138.0 E6.3
LATUR93 Latur earthquake in Maharashtra State, India ISC1993:09:2922:25:5018.1 N 76.5 E6.2
NEVADA93 Chemical explosion at Nevada Test Site NEIC1993:09:2207:01:0037.2 N116.2 W4.1
KLAMATH93B Klamath Falls earthquake, Oregon, USA ISC1993:09:2105:45:3442.4 N122.0 W5.5
KLAMATH93A Klamath Falls earthquake, Oregon, USA ISC1993:09:2103:28:5642.3 N122.0 W5.7
MARIANAS93 Earthquake south of the Mariana Islands, western Pacific ISC1993:08:0808:34:2612.9 N144.8 E6.8
SEAOFJAPAN93A Aftershock in the Sea of Japan ISC1993:08:0719:42:4442.0 N139.9 E6.0
BAIKAL93 Earthquake in the Lake Baikal region ISC1993:07:1312:28:3852.3 N106.5 E4.8
SEAOFJAPAN93 Earthquake near Okushiri Island and tsunami, Japan ISC1993:07:1213:17:1142.9 N139.2 E6.6
POLLINA93 Earthquake near Pollina, Sicily ISC1993:06:2617:47:5338.0 N 14.2 E4.6
KAMCHATKA93A Earthquake near the east coast of Kamchatka ISC1993:06:0813:03:3751.2 N157.8 E6.3
MINNESOTA93 Earthquake in Minnesota, USA ISC1993:06:0501:24:5345.7 N 96.3 W
KERMADEC93 Earthquake in the Kermadec Islands ISC1993:05:2708:52:0029.3 S178.3 W6.0
SHUMAGIN93B Shumagin Islands aftershock, Alaska ISC1993:05:2523:16:4355.0 N160.6 W6.2
JUJUY93B Earthquake in Jujuy Province, Argentina ISC1993:05:2423:51:2622.9 S 66.5 W6.3
JUJUY93A Earthquake in Jujuy Province, Argentina ISC1993:05:2423:51:2123.3 S 66.6 W6.1
EUREKA93 Earthquake in Eureka Valley, California ISC1993:05:1723:20:5237.1 N117.8 W5.9
SHUMAGIN93A Shumagin Islands aftershock, Alaska ISC1993:05:1706:06:1455.0 N160.0 W5.5
GUERRERO93B Earthquake near the coast of Guerrero, Mexico ISC1993:05:1503:12:3516.8 N 98.4 W6.0
GUERRERO93A Earthquake near the coast of Guerrero, Mexico ISC1993:05:1503:09:3916.7 N 98.4 W5.8
SHUMAGIN93 Shumagin Islands earthquake, Alaska ISC1993:05:1311:59:4755.0 N160.4 W6.3
CATARACT93 Cataract Creek earthquake, western Arizona, USA ISC1993:04:2908:21:0135.6 N112.1 W5.4
CATARACT93A Cataract Creek foreshock, Arizona, USA ISC1993:04:2509:29:5135.7 N112.1 W4.9
TEXAS93 Earthquake in Texas, USA ISC1993:04:0912:29:2029.0 N 98.0 W4.1
SCOTTSMILLS93 Scotts Mills earthquake, Oregon, USA ISC1993:03:2513:34:3745.1 N122.6 W5.5
FIJI93 Earthquake in the Fiji Islands region ISC1993:03:2105:04:5718.0 S178.5 W6.0
TIBET93 Xizang earthquake, Tibet ISC1993:03:2014:52:0029.0 N 87.3 E6.1
NOTO93 Earthquake off the Noto Peninsula, Japan ISC1993:02:0713:27:4537.6 N137.3 E6.2
KUSHIRO93A Kushiro aftershock, Hokkaido, Japan ISC1993:02:0414:43:1342.9 N144.2 E4.9
TAIWAN93 Taiwan earthquake ISC1993:01:2308:59:2724.1 N121.7 E5.4
GILROY93 Gilroy earthquake, central California, USA ISC1993:01:1606:29:3436.9 N121.5 W4.8
KUSHIRO93 Offshore earthquake, near Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan ISC1993:01:1511:06:0743.0 N144.2 E6.8
SANDWICH93 South Sandwich Islands earthquake ISC1993:01:1014:39:0359.3 S 26.4 W6.2
NIIGATA92 Earthquake in the southern Niigata Prefecture, Japan ISC1992:12:2702:17:1137.0 N138.6 E
FLORES92 Flores earthquake and tsunami, Indonesia ISC1992:12:1205:29:26 8.5 S121.9 E6.7
LANDERS92E Landers aftershock, Southern California ISC1992:12:0402:08:5834.4 N117.0 W5.2
CRETE92A Earthquake in the central Mediterranean ISC1992:11:2105:07:2135.9 N 22.5 E6.0
CORINTH92 Gulf of Corinth earthquake, Greece ISC1992:11:1821:10:4138.3 N 22.5 E5.8
ECAUCASUS92 Earthquake in the eastern Caucasus ISC1992:10:2323:19:4542.6 N 45.1 E6.1
MOROCCO92 Earthquake in Morocco ISC1992:10:2309:11:0531.3 N 4.3 W5.2
PARKFIELD92 Parkfield earthquake, California ISC1992:10:2005:28:0735.8 N120.6 W4.0
COLOMBIA92B Earthquake in Colombia ISC1992:10:1815:12:00 7.2 N 76.8 W6.4
COLOMBIA92A Earthquake in Colombia ISC1992:10:1708:32:41 6.9 N 76.8 W6.1
CAIRO92 Earthquake in the Cairo area, Egypt ISC1992:10:1213:09:5529.8 N 31.1 E5.8
ARAFURA92 Arafura Sea earthquake, off northern Australia ISC1992:09:3011:18:0711.4 S134.5 E5.4
TAIWAN92B Taiwan earthquake ISC1992:09:2814:06:0424.1 N122.7 E5.7
LOPNOR92A Lop Nor underground nuclear explosion, China ISC1992:09:2507:59:5841.7 N 88.3 E5.0
ZAIRE92 Earthquake in Zaire ISC1992:09:1103:57:27 6.1 S 26.6 E6.6
SWUTAH92 Earthquake in southwest Utah, USA ISC1992:09:0210:26:2237.0 N113.5 W5.6
NICARAGUA92 Earthquake and tsunami off the west coast of Nicaragua ISC1992:09:0200:16:0211.8 N 87.4 W5.4
TAIWAN92A Taiwan earthquake ISC1992:09:0116:41:1523.8 N121.7 E5.8
SCAROLINA92 Earthquake in South Carolina, USA ISC1992:08:2116:31:5433.1 N 80.0 W4.0
KIRGIZIYA92 Earthquake in the Kirgiziya region, central Asia ISC1992:08:1902:04:3742.1 N 73.6 E6.5
KEFALLINIA92 Kefallinia earthquake, Greece ISC1992:08:1803:05:0538.3 N 20.6 E3.8
BIGBEAR92D Big Bear aftershock, southern California ISC1992:08:1720:41:5334.2 N117.0 W4.6
HUALIEN92 Earthquake near Hualien, Taiwan ISC1992:08:0819:37:5224.0 N121.7 E4.2
LANDERS92A Landers aftershock, southern California ISC1992:07:2504:31:5933.9 N116.4 W4.6
SANRIKU92B Earthquake off the northeast coast of Japan ISC1992:07:1808:36:5939.4 N143.4 E6.1
SANRIKU92A Earthquake off the northeast coast of Japan ISC1992:07:1600:00:3839.4 N143.4 E5.6
BIGBEAR92C Big Bear aftershock, southern California ISC1992:07:1207:00:1934.1 N117.0 W
BIGBEAR92B Big Bear aftershock, southern California ISC1992:07:0901:43:5834.3 N116.9 W5.6
LANDERS92D Landers aftershock, southern California ISC1992:07:0722:09:2734.4 N116.5 W
LANDERS92C Landers aftershock, southern California ISC1992:07:0521:18:2634.6 N116.4 W5.2
LANDERS92B Landers aftershock, southern California ISC1992:07:0107:40:3034.3 N116.6 W4.6
CALIFNEV92 Little Skull Mountain earthquake, Nevada, USA ISC1992:06:2910:14:2336.7 N116.3 W5.5
BIGBEAR92 Earthquake near Big Bear City, southern California ISC1992:06:2815:05:3134.3 N116.8 W6.0
BIGBEAR92A Big Bear City foreshock, southern California ISC1992:06:2814:43:2334.2 N117.0 W5.3
LANDERS92 Landers earthquake, southern California ISC1992:06:2811:57:3634.3 N116.5 W6.1
NEVADA92B Nevada Test Site underground nuclear explosion NEIC1992:06:2315:00:0037.1 N116.0 W
NEVADA92A Nevada Test Site underground nuclear explosion NEIC1992:06:1916:45:0037.0 N116.0 W
AKHAIA92 Earthquake in Akhaia Province, Greece ISC1992:05:3018:55:4038.0 N 21.5 E4.9
TAIWAN92 Taiwan earthquake ISC1992:05:2823:19:3523.1 N121.4 E5.4
OKHOTSK92 Earthquake in the Sea of Okhotsk ISC1992:05:2216:19:5449.4 N147.8 E5.2
LOPNOR92 Lop Nor underground nuclear explosion, China ISC1992:05:2104:59:5741.5 N 88.8 E6.5
PAKISTAN92C Pakistan earthquake ISC1992:05:2012:20:3333.4 N 71.3 E5.9
MINDANAO92B Mindanao earthquake, Philippines ISC1992:05:1710:15:33 7.2 N126.8 E6.3
MINDANAO92A Mindanao earthquake, Philippines ISC1992:05:1709:49:19 7.3 N126.8 E6.2
HUON92 Earthquake on the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea ISC1992:05:1507:05:06 6.1 S147.6 E6.2
HONSHU92 Earthquake near the east coast of Honshu, Japan ISC1992:05:1110:07:5336.5 N140.6 E5.1
TADZHIKISTAN92 Tadzhikistan earthquake ISC1992:05:1004:04:3337.2 N 72.9 E5.5
CHILE92 Earthquake in northern Chile ISC1992:05:0900:20:5618.3 S 69.4 W5.4
HOKKAIDO92 Hokkaido earthquake, Japan ISC1992:05:0706:23:3641.1 N144.7 E5.7
CRETE92 Earthquake off Crete ISC1992:04:3011:44:3935.1 N 26.6 E5.7
PETROLIA92C Aftershock near Petrolia, northern California ISC1992:04:2611:18:2640.5 N124.4 W6.4
PETROLIA92B Aftershock near Petrolia, northern California ISC1992:04:2607:41:4140.5 N124.3 W5.8
PETROLIA92A Earthquake near Petrolia, northern California ISC1992:04:2518:06:0540.4 N124.1 W6.2
PAKISTAN92B Pakistan earthquake ISC1992:04:2407:07:2427.5 N 66.1 E5.8
JOSHUATREE92 Joshua Tree earthquake, southern California ISC1992:04:2304:50:2333.9 N116.5 W5.6
ROERMOND92 Earthquake near Roermond, Netherlands ISC1992:04:1301:20:0151.1 N 5.8 E5.3
VANCOUVER92A Offshore earthquake, Vancouver Island, British Columbia ISC1992:04:0615:16:1050.6 N129.8 W5.3
VANCOUVER92 Offshore earthquake, Vancouver Island, British Columbia ISC1992:04:0613:54:4050.7 N130.1 W5.9
KURIL92 Earthquake NW of the Kuril Islands ISC1992:03:2720:28:1247.9 N147.2 E5.5
ANDREANOF92B Earthquake in the Andreanof Islands ISC1992:03:2713:23:0552.9 N174.0 W5.2
MILOS92 Earthquake in Milos Island, Aegean Sea, Greece ISC1992:03:2005:37:2436.7 N 24.5 E5.1
ERZINCAN92A Erzincan aftershock, Turkey ISC1992:03:1516:16:2539.5 N 39.9 E5.4
ERZINCAN92 Earthquake near Erzincan, Turkey ISC1992:03:1317:18:3939.7 N 39.6 E6.1
ANDREANOF92A Earthquake in the Andreanof Islands ISC1992:03:1316:01:0552.4 N179.0 W5.7
NISLAND92 Earthquake in North Island, New Zealand ISC1992:03:0209:05:5740.3 S176.4 E5.3
TOKYO92 Earthquake near Tokyo, Japan ISC1992:02:0119:04:0535.2 N139.8 E5.6
PAKISTAN92A Earthquake off the coast of Pakistan ISC1992:01:3005:22:0225.0 N 63.2 E5.4
KASHMIR92 Earthquake in northwest Kashmir ISC1992:01:2405:04:5135.5 N 74.6 E5.3
KEFALLINIA92B Kefallinia earthquake, Greece ISC1992:01:2306:27:3938.4 N 20.3 E5.0
KEFALLINIA92A Kefallinia earthquake, Greece ISC1992:01:2304:24:1738.4 N 20.4 E5.1
YELLOWSEA92 Yellow Sea earthquake, China ISC1992:01:2221:41:2535.3 N121.1 E5.1
ROUINA92 Rouina earthquake, Algeria ISC1992:01:1920:21:3236.3 N 1.8 E4.9
FRANKLIN92 Earthquake near Franklin Lake, NW Territories, Canada ISC1992:01:0400:56:5866.9 N 94.6 W5.2
KURIL91 Kuril Islands earthquake swarm ISC1991:12:2208:43:1345.5 N151.0 E6.6
BAJACAL91 Baja California earthquake, USA ISC1991:12:0317:54:3631.7 N115.9 W4.9
BRISTOL Underground nuclear explosion BRISTOL, Nevada Test Site NEIC1991:11:2618:35:0037.1 N116.1 W4.6
COLOMBIA91 Earthquake near the west coast of Colombia ISC1991:11:1922:28:51 4.6 N 77.4 W6.3
TOKYO91 Tokyo Bay earthquake ISC1991:11:1908:24:0335.6 N140.0 E4.9
MINDANAO91 Mindanao earthquake, Philippines ISC1991:11:1311:12:16 8.4 N126.4 E6.1
KERMADEC91 Kermadec Islands earthquake ISC1991:11:0116:23:2330.3 S178.0 W6.3
NINDIA91 Earthquake in northern India ISC1991:10:1921:23:1530.8 N 78.8 E6.4
POCHUTA91 Earthquake near Pochuta, Guatemala ISC1991:09:1809:48:1414.6 N 91.0 W5.6
HONEYDEW91 Earthquake near Honeydew, northern California ISC1991:08:1719:29:4040.3 N124.1 W6.1
CHILE91 Earthquake swarm and volcano in southern Chile ISC1991:08:1502:38:1445.8 S 72.5 W5.2
TIBET91 Earthquake in Tibet ISC1991:07:1813:24:5730.4 N 94.8 E4.9
OKHOTSK91 Earthquake in the Sea of Okhotsk ISC1991:07:0510:58:2748.0 N145.8 E5.5
SANGABRIEL91 San Gabriel Mts. earthquake, southern California ISC1991:06:2814:43:5434.2 N118.0 W5.8
PINATUBO91B Earthquake with Mount Pinatubo eruption, Philippines ISC1991:06:1511:15:3315.1 N120.4 E5.7
PINATUBO91A Earthquake with Mount Pinatubo eruption, Philippines ISC1991:06:1510:41:1315.3 N120.6 E5.5
FLORES91 Earthquake in the Flores Sea, Indonesia ISC1991:06:0711:51:25 7.1 S122.8 E5.9
HONSHU91 Honshu earthquake, Japan ISC1991:06:0221:57:5935.6 N138.7 E4.8
ALASKA91 Alaskan Peninsula earthquake ISC1991:05:3013:17:4354.6 N161.6 W6.2
ACAPULCO91 Acapulco earthquake near coast of Guerrero, Mexico ISC1991:05:2800:56:3716.9 N 99.8 W4.6
POTENZA91 Earthquake in the Potenza district, southern Italy ISC1991:05:2612:26:0140.7 N 15.8 E5.3
SPERU91 Earthquake in southern Peru ISC1991:05:2420:50:5516.5 S 70.7 W6.3
MICHOACAN91 Earthquake near coast of Michoacan, Mexico ISC1991:05:2200:57:0318.3 N103.3 W5.0
BAIKAL91 Earthquake in the Baikal region ISC1991:05:1216:17:5651.7 N105.5 E4.6
NEWMADRID91 New Madrid earthquake, Missouri, USA ISC1991:05:0401:18:5536.5 N 89.8 W4.2
BONIN91 Earthquake in the Bonin Islands region ISC1991:05:0302:14:1828.1 N139.7 E5.9
WCAUCASUS91 Western Caucasus earthquake, Georgia, USSR ISC1991:04:2909:12:4842.4 N 43.7 E6.2
COSTARICA91B Costa Rica earthquake ISC1991:04:2705:42:4510.3 N 83.3 W5.3
COSTARICA91A Costa Rica earthquake ISC1991:04:2419:13:02 9.8 N 83.5 W5.7
COSTARICA91 Earthquake and tsunami, Costa Rica ISC1991:04:2221:56:51 9.7 N 83.1 W6.3
NPERU91 Earthquake in northern Peru ISC1991:04:0415:23:21 6.0 S 77.1 W6.0
PINOTEPA91 Pinotepa earthquake near coast of Guerrero, Mexico ISC1991:04:0107:34:4816.2 N 98.3 W5.4
TAIWAN91 Earthquake in the region of Taiwan ISC1991:03:2603:58:2421.7 N121.8 E5.8
DATONG91 Datong-Yangyuan earthquake, NE China ISC1991:03:2518:02:4239.9 N114.0 E5.0
WATSONVILLE91 Watsonville earthquake, California ISC1991:03:2403:42:0836.9 N121.8 W4.3
SIBERIA91 Earthquake in central Siberia ISC1991:03:0101:57:0672.2 N126.9 E5.2
XINJIANG91 Earthquake in Xinjiang Province, China ISC1991:02:2514:30:2840.4 N 79.0 E5.5
BERINGSEA91 Earthquake in the Bering Sea ISC1991:02:2102:35:3458.4 N175.5 W6.1
SOLOMON91 Earthquake in the Solomon Islands ISC1991:02:0916:18:58 9.9 S159.1 E6.3
SMARIA91 Santa Maria Basin earthquake, California ISC1991:01:3123:28:1734.8 N120.5 W
HINDUKUSH91 Hindu Kush region earthquake, Afghanistan ISC1991:01:3123:03:3336.0 N 70.5 E6.3
BARBACOAS90 Earthquake near Barbacoas, Costa Rica ISC1990:12:2217:27:5610.0 N 84.2 W5.2
GRIVA90 Griva earthquake, northern Greece ISC1990:12:2106:57:4341.0 N 22.3 E5.7
HUALIEN90B Hualien earthquake, Taiwan ISC1990:12:1319:50:2023.7 N121.6 E5.8
HUALIEN90A Hualien earthquake, Taiwan ISC1990:12:1303:01:4723.9 N121.7 E5.8
SICILY90 Earthquake off the east coast of Sicily ISC1990:12:1300:24:2637.3 N 15.4 E5.3
NIIGATA90B Niigata Prefecture earthquake, Japan ISC1990:12:0709:40:4537.3 N138.6 E5.1
NIIGATA90A Niigata Prefecture earthquake, Japan ISC1990:12:0709:38:2037.3 N138.5 E5.3
DINARI90B Dinari Mountain earthquake, northwestern Balkans ISC1990:11:2704:51:3743.9 N 16.7 E5.0
DINARI90A Dinari Mountain earthquake, northwestern Balkans ISC1990:11:2704:37:5743.9 N 16.7 E5.2
PRIMORSK90 Earthquake off the coast of Primorskij, East Russia ISC1990:11:1302:35:0846.2 N138.7 E6.1
ALMAATA90 Earthquake in the Alma-Ata region, Kazakhstan ISC1990:11:1212:28:5042.9 N 78.1 E5.8
REYKJANES90 Earthquake swarm in the Iceland region ISC1990:10:3013:35:5163.0 N 24.1 W4.8
INDIANOCEAN90 Earthquake in the south Indian Ocean ISC1990:10:2807:41:09 2.7 S 88.4 E5.0
HINDUKUSH90 Hindu Kush region earthquake, Afghanistan ISC1990:10:2504:54:0035.1 N 70.5 E6.0
LVINING90 Lee Vining earthquake, California-Nevada border, USA ISC1990:10:2406:15:2038.1 N119.2 W5.2
GANSU90 Earthquake in Gansu Province, China ISC1990:10:2008:07:2837.1 N103.8 E5.5
MONTLAURIER90 Mont Laurier earthquake, Quebec, Canada ISC1990:10:1907:01:5646.4 N 75.6 W4.6
PERUBRAZIL90 Earthquake in the Peru-Brazil border region ISC1990:10:1714:30:1511.0 S 70.8 W6.5
FIJI90A Earthquake south of Fiji ISC1990:10:1005:54:5423.5 S179.0 E5.9
NICOBAR90 Earthquake in the Nicobar Islands region ISC1990:10:0814:49:08 9.8 N 92.8 E4.5
PALLISER90 Earthquake off Cape Palliser, New Zealand ISC1990:10:0423:48:2541.8 S175.6 E5.4
KAZAKHSTAN90B Aftershock in the Kazakhstan-Xinjiang border region ISC1990:09:2721:12:3447.9 N 85.0 E5.0
NEWMADRID90 New Madrid, Missouri, earthquake ISC1990:09:2613:18:5037.2 N 89.6 W5.1
ZAGREB90 Earthquake near Zagreb, Yugoslavia ISC1990:09:0310:48:3245.9 N 15.9 E4.8
LOPNOR90 Underground nuclear explosion at Lop Nor, China ISC1990:08:1604:59:5841.5 N 88.8 E6.2
NISLAND90B Earthquake in North Island, New Zealand ISC1990:08:1515:54:4340.4 S176.4 E5.4
NATLANTIC90 North Atlantic Ridge earthquake ISC1990:08:1415:13:3035.5 N 35.7 W5.6
ODAWARA90 Earthquake in the Odawara area, Japan ISC1990:08:0507:13:0235.2 N139.2 E5.3
KAZAKHSTAN90A Aftershock in the Kazakhstan-Xinjiang border region ISC1990:08:0309:15:0448.0 N 85.0 E6.0
FIJI90 Earthquake south of Fiji ISC1990:07:2209:26:1523.6 S179.9 W5.8
BEIJING90 Beijing earthquake, China ISC1990:07:2100:41:5540.6 N115.8 E4.6
LUZON90C Luzon aftershock, Philippines ISC1990:07:1808:00:1616.5 N121.1 E5.9
LUZON90B Luzon aftershock, Philippines ISC1990:07:1721:14:4416.5 N121.1 E6.1
LUZON90A Luzon earthquake, Philippines ISC1990:07:1607:26:3515.7 N121.2 E6.4
MANJIL90A Manjil aftershock, Iran ISC1990:06:2109:02:1536.7 N 49.8 E5.8
MANJIL90 Rudbar-Manjil earthquake, Iran ISC1990:06:2021:00:1137.0 N 49.4 E6.2
NWGREECE90 Earthquake in northwest Greece ISC1990:06:1602:16:2139.3 N 20.6 E5.5
ZAYSAN90 Earthquake in Kazakhstan-Xinjiang border region ISC1990:06:1412:47:2947.9 N 85.1 E6.1
CHOSHI90 Earthquake near Choshi City, Japan ISC1990:06:0101:22:1135.6 N140.6 E5.8
GUERRERO90 Guerrero earthquake, Mexico ISC1990:05:3107:35:3017.4 N100.7 W5.8
VRANCEA90 Earthquake in the Vrancea region, Romania ISC1990:05:3010:40:0645.9 N 26.7 E6.4
KATTEGAT90 Earthquake off the southwest coast of Sweden ISC1990:05:2409:51:5556.6 N 12.5 E
SUDAN90 Sudan earthquake ISC1990:05:2002:22:01 5.1 N 32.2 E6.5
STLUCIA90 St. Lucia earthquake, Windward Islands ISC1990:05:1917:44:0313.8 N 61.1 W4.5
NISLAND90A Earthquake in North Island, New Zealand ISC1990:05:1304:23:1040.3 S176.1 E6.0
SAKHALIN90 Sakhalin earthquake, eastern Russia ISC1990:05:1204:50:0949.1 N141.9 E6.5
GUERRERO90A Guerrero earthquake, Mexico ISC1990:05:1123:43:5317.4 N100.7 W5.3
POTENZA90 Earthquake in the Potenza district, southern Italy ISC1990:05:0507:21:3040.7 N 15.7 E5.1
GONGHE90 Gonghe earthquake in Qinghai Province, China ISC1990:04:2609:37:1136.0 N100.3 E6.3
WATSONVILLE90 Watsonville earthquake, California ISC1990:04:1813:53:5136.9 N121.7 W5.3
MINAHASSA90 Minahassa Peninsula earthquake, Celebes ISC1990:04:1813:39:20 1.2 N122.9 E6.3
UPLAND90 Upland earthquake, California ISC1990:04:1722:32:2734.1 N117.8 W4.4
LIGURIAN90 Ligurian Sea earthquake off the south coast of France ISC1990:04:1507:50:3543.6 N 7.8 E3.9
MARIANAS90 Earthquake in the Marianas region, western Pacific ISC1990:04:0521:12:3615.1 N147.6 E6.4
CLUN90 Earthquake at Clun, England ISC1990:04:0213:46:3152.3 N 3.0 W4.6
COSTARICA90 Nicoya Gulf, Costa Rica earthquake ISC1990:03:2513:22:5610.0 N 84.8 W6.2
ANDREANOF90 Andreanof Islands earthquake ISC1990:03:1214:41:2051.4 N175.1 W6.0
GRANADA90 Earthquake in Granada, southern Spain ISC1990:03:0801:37:1636.9 N 3.7 W4.5
KASHMIR90 Earthquake in northwest Kashmir ISC1990:03:0520:47:0736.9 N 73.0 E5.7
CHARLEVOIX90 Charlevoix earthquake, Quebec, Canada ISC1990:03:0302:06:0248.0 N 70.0 W
SCALIFORNIA90 Upland earthquake, southern California ISC1990:02:2823:43:3634.1 N117.7 W5.4
IZUOSHIMA90 Earthquake near south coast of Honshu ISC1990:02:2006:53:4034.7 N139.3 E6.0
NISLAND90 Earthquake in North Island, New Zealand ISC1990:02:1905:34:3840.4 S176.1 E5.9
CHANGSHU90 Changshu earthquake, eastern China ISC1990:02:1017:57:2631.7 N121.0 E4.8
TENNYSON90C Earthquake sequence, Lake Tennyson, New Zealand ISC1990:02:1003:57:2842.3 S172.7 E5.1
TENNYSON90B Earthquake sequence, Lake Tennyson, New Zealand ISC1990:02:1003:54:4742.4 S172.7 E4.9
TENNYSON90A Earthquake sequence, Lake Tennyson, New Zealand ISC1990:02:1003:27:4042.3 S172.8 E5.9
AFGHAN90 Earthquake in the Afghanistan-USSR border region ISC1990:02:0505:16:4437.1 N 71.3 E6.1
HONEYDEW90 Earthquake near Honeydew, northern California ISC1990:01:1620:08:2240.2 N124.0 W5.1
NEWCASTLE89 Newcastle earthquake, Australia ISC1989:12:2723:26:5632.9 S151.6 E5.4
LIGURIAN89 Ligurian Sea earthquake off the south coast of France ISC1989:12:2619:59:5843.5 N 7.5 E
UNGAVA89 Ungava earthquake, northern Quebec, Canada ISC1989:12:2514:24:3360.1 N 73.5 W6.2
HUELVA89 Earthquake in Huelva, southern Spain ISC1989:12:2004:15:0337.3 N 7.4 W4.9
SOUTHIRAN89 Earthquake in southern Iran ISC1989:12:0712:59:3325.9 N 59.0 E5.7
KAMESNICA89 Earthquake under Mt. Kame\v_snica, Yugoslavia ISC1989:12:0605:33:1443.7 N 16.9 E4.9
GOLBAF89 Golbaf earthquake, southeast Iran ISC1989:11:2004:19:0529.9 N 57.7 E5.5
SANRIKU89D Aftershock off the NE coast of Japan ISC1989:11:0213:42:1240.0 N143.4 E5.6
SANRIKU89B Earthquake off the NE coast of Japan ISC1989:11:0118:36:3339.6 N143.3 E6.0
SANRIKU89A Earthquake off the NE coast of Japan ISC1989:11:0118:25:3539.9 N142.8 E6.2
ALGERIA89 Algerian earthquake ISC1989:10:2919:09:1336.8 N 2.4 E5.7
SANRIKU89C Earthquake off the NE coast of Japan ISC1989:10:2905:25:4139.6 N143.3 E5.9
LOMAPRIETA89D Loma Prieta aftershock, California ISC1989:10:2501:27:2637.0 N121.9 W4.6
DATONG89C Datong-Yanggao area earthquake, NE China ISC1989:10:2313:19:3439.9 N114.0 E5.4
LOMAPRIETA89C Loma Prieta aftershock, California ISC1989:10:1910:14:3436.9 N121.9 W4.5
LOMAPRIETA89B Loma Prieta aftershock, California ISC1989:10:1909:53:5036.9 N121.8 W4.2
NECHINA89 Earthquake in the Datong area, NE China ISC1989:10:1818:20:4840.0 N113.9 E5.4
DATONG89B Earthquake in the Datong area, NE China ISC1989:10:1817:01:3540.0 N113.9 E5.1
DATONG89A Datong-Yangyuan earthquake, NE China ISC1989:10:1814:57:2339.9 N113.9 E5.1
SOLOMON89 Solomon Islands earthquake ISC1989:10:1811:40:5410.2 S161.1 E6.0
LOMAPRIETA89A Loma Prieta aftershock, California ISC1989:10:1810:22:0336.9 N121.9 W4.2
LOMAPRIETA89 Loma Prieta earthquake, California ISC1989:10:1800:04:1537.1 N121.8 W6.2
IZUOSHIMA89 Izu-Oshima Kinkai earthquake, Japan ISC1989:10:1321:19:5834.8 N139.6 E5.2
ALEUTIAN89 Earthquake in the Near Islands region, Aleutian Islands ISC1989:10:0918:01:0851.8 N171.8 E6.0
BURMA89A Burma earthquake ISC1989:09:2821:52:1720.4 N 98.8 E5.4
XIAOJIN89 Xiaojin earthquake, Sichuan Province, China ISC1989:09:2202:25:4931.5 N102.5 E6.0
ALASKA89 Earthquake south of Alaska ISC1989:09:0413:14:5955.6 N156.9 W6.2
AFAR89C Afar earthquake sequence, Ethiopia ISC1989:08:2101:09:0711.9 N 41.9 E5.9
AFAR89B Afar earthquake sequence, Ethiopia ISC1989:08:2019:25:5711.9 N 41.8 E5.9
AFAR89A Afar earthquake sequence, Ethiopia ISC1989:08:2011:46:2811.9 N 41.8 E5.8
TAIWAN89 Taiwan earthquake ISC1989:08:0311:31:2123.1 N121.9 E5.9
SWAFRICA89 Earthquake in southwest Africa ISC1989:07:3009:29:1752.6 S 13.0 E5.5
AFGHAN89 Earthquake in the Afghanistan-USSR border region ISC1989:07:2403:27:4936.1 N 71.1 E5.7
OFFIZUPEN89C Earthquake and volcano off the Izu Peninsula, Japan ISC1989:07:0902:09:5635.0 N139.1 E4.1
OFFIZUPEN89B Earthquake and volcano off the Izu Peninsula, Japan ISC1989:07:0902:09:1035.0 N139.2 E5.0
OFFIZUPEN89E Earthquake off the Izu Peninsula, Japan ISC1989:07:0615:01:4535.0 N139.2 E4.9
OFFIZUPEN89D Earthquake off the Izu Peninsula, Japan ISC1989:07:0417:28:2135.0 N139.2 E4.6
OFFIZUPEN89A Earthquake swarm off the Izu Peninsula, Japan ISC1989:06:3016:24:0435.5 N139.0 E4.5
KILAUEA89 Earthquake near the Kilauea volcano, Hawaii ISC1989:06:2603:27:0419.4 N155.1 W5.7
CATAMARCA89 Earthquake in Catamarca Province, Argentina ISC1989:06:2412:58:3928.4 S 66.3 W5.3
MAMMOTH89 Mammoth Mountain earthquake, California ISC1989:06:2100:59:1737.7 N119.0 W
BANGLADESH89 Bangladesh earthquake ISC1989:06:1200:04:1021.8 N 89.8 E5.7
SICHUAN89A Shimian earthquake, Sichuan Province, China ISC1989:06:0914:46:0429.4 N102.3 E4.9
DSOUND89 Doubtful Sound earthquake, South Island, New Zealand ISC1989:05:3105:54:2045.2 S167.1 E5.8
AYERSROCK89 Earthquake near Ayers Rock, Australia ISC1989:05:2802:55:2025.1 S130.8 E5.4
MACQUARIE89 Macquarie Islands earthquake, South Pacific ISC1989:05:2310:54:4652.4 S160.6 E6.4
ERUSSIA89 Earthquake in eastern Russia ISC1989:05:1705:04:3657.1 N122.1 E5.6
MONGOLIA89 Earthquake in the USSR-Mongolia border region ISC1989:05:1303:35:0350.1 N105.4 E5.5
CANARY89 Earthquake in the Canary Islands region ISC1989:05:0902:30:3828.1 N 16.1 W5.1
BURMA89 Earthquake in the Burma-China border region ISC1989:05:0700:38:1923.5 N 99.5 E5.4
SICHUAN89D Earthquake in Sichuan Province, China ISC1989:05:0315:41:3030.1 N 99.5 E5.8
SICHUAN89C Earthquake in Sichuan Province, China ISC1989:05:0305:53:0330.1 N 99.5 E6.0
GUERRERO89 Guerrero earthquake, Mexico ISC1989:04:2514:29:0116.8 N 99.3 W6.2
SICHUAN89B Earthquake in Sichuan Province, China ISC1989:04:2502:13:2130.0 N 99.4 E6.1
YAKUTSK89 Earthquake in the Yakutsk area, Eastern Russia ISC1989:04:2022:59:5457.2 N122.0 E5.9
SICHUAN89 Earthquake in Sichuan Province, China ISC1989:04:1520:34:1030.0 N 99.2 E6.0
NQUEBEC89 Earthquake in northern Quebec Province, Canada ISC1989:03:1604:17:2859.9 N 69.7 W5.2
WGERMANY89 Rockburst in West Germany ISC1989:03:1313:02:1550.7 N 9.9 E5.4
MALAWI89 Malawi earthquake ISC1989:03:1021:49:4613.7 S 34.5 E6.0
BRAZIL89 Brazilian earthquake ISC1989:03:1004:11:23 5.8 S 35.6 W4.9
MALAWI89F Foreshock in Malawi ISC1989:03:0902:37:0013.7 S 34.4 E5.6
HIMALAYA89 Earthquake in the India-Chinese border region ISC1989:02:2800:26:4127.1 N 92.6 E4.7
NATLANTIC89 Earthquake in the North Atlantic ISC1989:02:1315:14:4857.5 N 33.3 W5.1
RABISLAND89 Earthquake at Rab Island, Yugoslavia ISC1989:02:1300:35:1144.8 N 14.7 E
UTAH89 Earthquake in Utah, USA ISC1989:01:3004:06:2438.8 N111.6 W4.8
ETNE89 Earthquake near Etne, SW Norway ISC1989:01:2916:38:2059.5 N 5.9 E4.8
ALBANIA89 Albanian earthquake ISC1989:01:2615:15:1440.2 N 19.6 E4.5
URAKAWA89 Urakawa earthquake, Japan ISC1989:01:2420:03:3942.2 N142.7 E5.5
SNORWAY89 Earthquake in southern Norway ISC1989:01:2314:06:2761.8 N 4.3 E5.1
TADZHIK89 Earthquake in Tadzhikistan, USSR ISC1989:01:2223:02:0438.5 N 68.7 E5.4
HOKKAIDO89 Hokkaido region earthquake, Japan ISC1989:01:2222:20:1741.8 N144.3 E5.8
SANTAMONICA89 Earthquake in Santa Monica Bay, southern California ISC1989:01:1906:53:2733.9 N118.7 W5.2
ARMENIA88A Spitak aftershock, Armenia ISC1988:12:3104:07:0941.0 N 44.1 E4.7
ARMENIA88B Spitak aftershock, Armenia ISC1988:12:0707:45:4541.0 N 44.3 E5.8
ARMENIA88 Spitak earthquake, Armenia ISC1988:12:0707:41:2441.0 N 44.2 E6.0
PASADENA88 Earthquake near Pasadena, southern California ISC1988:12:0311:38:2534.1 N118.2 W4.5
YUNNAN88D Earthquake in Yunnan Province, China ISC1988:11:3008:13:3022.8 N 99.8 E5.5
YUNNAN88C Earthquake in Yunnan Province, China ISC1988:11:2704:17:5622.7 N 99.9 E5.0
SAGUENAY88 Earthquake in the Saguenay River area, Quebec, Canada ISC1988:11:2523:46:0448.1 N 71.2 W5.9
SEMIPALAT88B Semipalatinsk underground nuclear explosion, Kazakhstan ISC1988:11:2303:57:0749.8 N 78.1 E5.4
SEMIPALAT88A Semipalatinsk underground nuclear explosion, Kazakhstan ISC1988:11:1203:30:0450.0 N 79.0 E5.4
YUNNAN88B Earthquake in Yunnan Province, China ISC1988:11:0613:15:4223.2 N 99.5 E6.3
YUNNAN88A Earthquake in Yunnan Province, China ISC1988:11:0613:03:2022.8 N 99.6 E6.0
GUATEMALA88 Earthquake near the coast of Guatemala ISC1988:11:0314:47:1113.9 N 90.6 W5.6
THESSALON88 Thessaloniki earthquake, Greece ISC1988:10:2014:00:5940.5 N 22.9 E4.7
IONIAN88 Earthquake in the Ionian Sea ISC1988:10:1612:34:0637.9 N 20.9 E5.4
SAITAMA88 Earthquake in Saitama Prefecture, Honshu, Japan ISC1988:09:2908:23:3435.9 N139.3 E4.8
SEMIPALAT88 Semipalatinsk underground nuclear explosion, Kazakhstan ISC1988:09:1403:59:5849.8 N 78.8 E6.1
BIHAR88 Bihar earthquake, India ISC1988:08:2023:09:1026.7 N 86.6 E6.4
GUERRERO88 Earthquake near the coast of Guerrero, Mexico ISC1988:08:1604:20:4616.6 N 99.2 W4.4
NCHILE88 Earthquake near coast of northern Chile ISC1988:08:1417:53:1127.3 S 71.1 W5.8
VANUATU88 Vanuatu earthquake, New Hebrides ISC1988:08:1013:11:2215.0 S167.3 E6.0
NORWAY88 Norwegian Sea earthquake ISC1988:08:0819:59:3263.6 N 2.3 E5.5
IMPHAL88 Earthquake near Imphal, Burma-India border ISC1988:08:0600:36:2625.1 N 95.2 E6.6
MONTANA88 Earthquake near the Idaho-Montana border, USA ISC1988:08:0111:34:0947.6 N115.6 W
OFFIZU88 Earthquake off Izu Peninsula ISC1988:07:3023:40:4434.9 N139.3 E5.1
MONGOLIA88 Earthquake in West Mongolia ISC1988:07:2307:38:1048.7 N 90.6 E5.4
UPLAND88A Upland aftershock, southern California ISC1988:07:0610:55:0534.1 N117.7 W
UPLAND88 Earthquake in Upland, California ISC1988:06:2615:04:5834.1 N117.7 W4.4
CALIFORNIA88 Earthquake in the Gulf of California ISC1988:06:1822:49:4226.8 N111.0 W5.8
ALUM88 Alum Rock earthquake, California ISC1988:06:1301:45:3637.3 N121.7 W4.7
TEANAU Earthquake in South Island, New Zealand ISC1988:06:0323:27:3644.9 S167.6 E5.7
KEFALLINIA88B Earthquake close to Kefallinia, Greece ISC1988:05:2203:44:1538.4 N 20.5 E5.1
KEFALLINIA88A Earthquake close to Kefallinia, Greece ISC1988:05:1805:17:4238.4 N 20.5 E5.3
NEVADA88 Nevada Test Site underground nuclear explosion ISC1988:05:1315:35:0037.1 N116.1 W4.8
ADRIATIC88 Earthquake in the Adriatic Sea ISC1988:04:2600:53:4442.4 N 16.6 E5.0
PERU88 Earthquake near the coast of Peru ISC1988:04:1223:19:5517.2 S 72.3 W6.1
NAHANNI88 Nahanni earthquake, N-W Territories, Canada ISC1988:03:2519:36:4762.1 N124.2 W6.1
HONSHU88 Earthquake near south coast of Honshu ISC1988:03:1720:34:2935.7 N139.6 E5.3
NPACIFIC88 Earthquake in the North Pacific ISC1988:03:0715:21:0741.6 N152.1 E5.8
ALASKA88 Gulf of Alaska earthquake ISC1988:03:0622:35:3657.3 N142.8 W6.6
SYLHET88 Earthquake in the Sylhet region, Bangladesh ISC1988:02:0614:50:4524.7 N 91.6 E5.8
FRIULI88 Earthquake in the Friuli region, northeast Italy ISC1988:02:0114:21:3746.3 N 13.1 E4.5
IRAN88 Earthquake in the Iran-Iraq border region ISC1988:01:2609:34:5032.7 N 47.1 E5.2
TENNANT388 Tennant Creek earthquake, Australia ISC1988:01:2212:04:5819.8 S134.0 E6.3
TENNANT288 Tennant Creek earthquake, Australia ISC1988:01:2203:57:2619.8 S133.9 E6.1
TENNANT188 Tennant Creek earthquake, Australia ISC1988:01:2200:35:5819.8 S133.9 E5.9
ALBANIA88 Earthquake in Albania ISC1988:01:0901:02:4741.3 N 19.7 E5.2
FRIULI87 Friuli earthquake, Italy ISC1987:12:2700:21:0146.3 N 13.0 E
NHILL87 Earthquake near Nhill, Victoria, Australia ISC1987:12:2215:06:3036.1 S141.4 E4.8
HONSHU87 Earthquake off east coast of Honshu ISC1987:12:1702:08:1835.4 N140.4 E6.0
ALASKA287 Gulf of Alaska earthquake ISC1987:11:3019:23:1658.8 N142.6 W6.5
SUPERSTITION87 Superstition Hills earthquake, southern California ISC1987:11:2413:15:5733.1 N116.0 W5.9
ELMORE87 Elmore Ranch earthquake, southern California ISC1987:11:2401:54:1733.2 N115.7 W5.7
ALASKA187 Gulf of Alaska earthquake ISC1987:11:1708:46:5058.8 N143.3 W6.4
ARGENTINA87 Earthquake in Argentina ISC1987:10:2721:58:1828.7 S 63.0 W5.9
ETHIOPIA87 Earthquake in Ethiopia, East Africa ISC1987:10:2516:46:14 5.4 N 36.8 E5.6
GANSU87 Earthquake in Gansu Province, China ISC1987:10:2419:12:3234.1 N105.3 E4.8
NEWBRITAIN87 Earthquake in the New Britain area ISC1987:10:1620:48:00 6.2 S149.1 E6.0
KAMCHATKA87B Earthquake off the east coast of Kamchatka ISC1987:10:0804:42:1652.9 N160.0 E5.0
KAMCHATKA87A Earthquake off the east coast of Kamchatka ISC1987:10:0620:11:3553.0 N159.9 E6.0
TONGA87 Tonga earthquake ISC1987:10:0604:19:0617.9 S172.2 W6.2
WHITTIER87A Whittier Narrows aftershock, California ISC1987:10:0410:59:3734.0 N118.2 W5.1
WHITTIER Whittier earthquake, California ISC1987:10:0114:42:1934.1 N118.2 W5.7
LOCKNEY Underground nuclear explosion LOCKNEY, Nevada Test Site NEIC1987:09:2415:00:0037.2 N116.4 W5.7
KURIL87 Kuril Islands earthquake, NW Pacific ISC1987:09:2307:15:4146.0 N149.5 E5.8
XUNWU87 Earthquake swarm in Jiangxi Province, SE China ISC1987:08:1416:59:5225.1 N115.6 E4.4
XUNWU87A Earthquake in Jiangxi Province, SE China ISC1987:08:0209:07:3325.0 N115.6 E5.0
QUEPOS87B Quepos earthquake, Costa Rica ISC1987:07:1514:31:27 9.7 N 84.1 W4.8
QUEPOS87A Quepos earthquake, Costa Rica ISC1987:07:1511:36:21 9.5 N 84.2 W4.8
SEAOKHOTSK87 Earthquake in the Sea of Okhotsk ISC1987:07:1423:46:0449.6 N147.8 E5.6
MARCHE87 Marche earthquake sequence, Italy ISC1987:07:0310:21:5843.2 N 13.9 E5.1
SHUMAGIN87 Shumagin Islands earthquake, Alaska ISC1987:06:2105:46:1054.2 N162.7 W6.0
LUBIN87 Lubin mine tremor, Poland ISC1987:06:2000:37:5651.5 N 16.1 E4.7
ILLINOIS87 Earthquake in Illinois, USA ISC1987:06:1023:48:5138.9 N 87.9 W4.9
KINKI87 Kinki earthquake sequence, Japan ISC1987:05:2721:03:3535.0 N135.5 E4.8
ICELAND87 Iceland earthquake ISC1987:05:2511:31:5563.8 N 19.7 W5.7
SYRIA87 Earthquake in Syria ISC1987:05:2023:00:3835.4 N 38.1 E4.6
NEINDIA87 Earthquake in NE India ISC1987:05:1801:53:5125.2 N 94.2 E5.7
WAKAYAMA87 Wakayama Prefecture earthquake, Japan ISC1987:05:0903:54:3334.1 N135.4 E5.0
XINJIANG87 Earthquake in southern Xinjiang Province, China ISC1987:04:3005:17:3839.8 N 74.6 E5.7
SOUTHIRAN87 Earthquake in southern Iran ISC1987:04:2901:45:2527.4 N 56.1 E5.8
FUKUSHIMA87 Earthquake off Fukushima Prefecture, Japan ISC1987:04:0700:40:4637.3 N141.7 E6.3
JUJUY87 Earthquake in Jujuy Province, Argentina ISC1987:04:0101:48:0522.9 S 66.3 W6.1
BULGARIA87 Earthquake in NW Bulgaria ISC1987:03:2309:05:2943.9 N 23.9 E
KANAGAPASS87 Earthquake in the Andreanof Islands ISC1987:03:2110:41:3652.0 N177.6 W5.9
KYUSHU87 Off Kyushu, Japan earthquake ISC1987:03:1803:36:2832.0 N131.8 E6.4
ECUADOR87C Earthquake in northern Ecuador ISC1987:03:0608:14:49 0.1 N 77.9 W5.5
ECUADOR87B Earthquake in northern Ecuador ISC1987:03:0604:10:42 0.1 N 77.8 W6.4
ECUADOR87A Earthquake in northern Ecuador ISC1987:03:0601:54:49 0.1 N 77.6 W6.0
EDGECUMBE Edgecumbe earthquake, North Island, New Zealand ISC1987:03:0201:42:3537.9 S176.8 E5.8
KEFALLINIA87 Kefallinia earthquake, Greece ISC1987:02:2723:34:5238.5 N 20.3 E5.3
DAFENG87 Dafeng earthquake, China ISC1987:02:1703:03:2533.7 N120.6 E5.1
KANTO87 Earthquake in the Kanto district, central Japan ISC1987:02:1017:51:4536.1 N139.9 E4.5
NEWGUINEA87 Earthquake in the eastern New Guinea region ISC1987:02:0818:33:59 6.1 S147.7 E6.1
ONAHAMA87B Earthquake off coast, east of Onahama, Japan ISC1987:02:0613:16:1837.0 N141.7 E6.0
ONAHAMA87A Earthquake off coast, east of Onahama, Japan ISC1987:02:0612:23:4837.0 N141.7 E5.9
CAMEROUN87 Earthquake near Tibati in Cameroun ISC1987:01:2623:11:34 6.4 N 12.5 E4.8
WUSHI87 Earthquake in the Wushi region, China ISC1987:01:2408:09:2141.5 N 79.3 E5.8
HOKKAIDO87 Hidaka Mountains, Hokkaido, earthquake ISC1987:01:1411:03:4942.5 N142.8 E6.3
IWAIZUMI87 Earthquake in NE Honshu, Japan ISC1987:01:0906:14:4639.9 N141.6 E6.2
ISMAILIYA87 Ismailiya earthquake, Egypt ISC1987:01:0210:14:4630.5 N 32.2 E5.0
OMACHI86 Earthquake near Omachi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan ISC1986:12:3000:38:3136.7 N137.9 E5.5
STRAZHITSA Earthquake near Strazhitsa, Bulgaria ISC1986:12:0714:17:0843.3 N 25.9 E5.1
BRAZIL86 Northeastern Brazil earthquake ISC1986:11:3005:19:48 5.5 S 35.7 W4.8
KNIN86 Knin earthquake, Yugoslavia ISC1986:11:2613:59:4244.1 N 16.4 E5.2
OSHIMA86 Izu-Oshima earthquake swarm and eruption, Japan ISC1986:11:2200:41:4334.5 N139.5 E5.8
HUALIEN86 Hualien earthquake, Taiwan ISC1986:11:1421:20:0624.0 N121.8 E6.1
HOKKAIDO86 Sorachi Region, Hokkaido, earthquake ISC1986:11:1312:44:0843.9 N141.8 E5.3
KERMADEC86 Earthquake in the Kermadec Islands region ISC1986:10:2006:46:1028.1 S176.4 W6.7
SIRAN86 Earthquake in southern Iran ISC1986:10:1808:48:2929.9 N 51.5 E5.0
FUKUSHIMA86 Earthquake off Fukushima Prefecture, Japan ISC1986:10:1321:17:5137.1 N141.0 E5.8
TURKEY86 Earthquake in western Turkey ISC1986:10:1109:00:1137.9 N 28.6 E5.4
SALVADOR86 El Salvador earthquake ISC1986:10:1017:49:2513.8 N 89.1 W5.0
SAFRICA86 Earthquake in South Africa ISC1986:10:0518:53:2130.5 S 28.8 E5.0
KALAMATA Kalamata earthquake, Greece ISC1986:09:1317:24:3437.1 N 22.2 E5.8
SHILLONG86 Earthquake near Shillong, India-Bangladesh border ISC1986:09:1007:50:2625.4 N 92.1 E5.3
VRANCEA86 Vrancea earthquake, Romania ISC1986:08:3021:28:3645.5 N 26.3 E6.3
QINGHAI86 Earthquake in Qinghai Province, China ISC1986:08:2609:43:0137.7 N101.5 E6.1
NAGANO86 Nagano Prefecture earthquake, Japan ISC1986:08:2402:34:5933.3 N138.3 E4.9
ZEMLYA86 Novaya Zemlya earthquake, USSR ISC1986:08:0113:56:3772.9 N 55.8 E4.8
TAIWAN86B Taiwan earthquake ISC1986:07:3011:31:4924.6 N121.8 E5.6
CHALFANT Chalfant Valley earthquake, California ISC1986:07:2114:42:2537.5 N118.4 W6.0
PALMSPRINGS86A North Palm Springs aftershock, California ISC1986:07:1717:20:3534.0 N116.7 W4.7
HINDUKUSH86B Hindu Kush region earthquake, Afghanistan ISC1986:07:1715:46:4136.7 N 71.2 E5.2
OCEANSIDE86 Oceanside earthquake sequence, California ISC1986:07:1313:47:0933.1 N117.9 W5.6
PALMSPRINGS North Palm Springs earthquake, California ISC1986:07:0809:20:4434.0 N116.7 W5.7
FIJI86A Earthquake south of Fiji ISC1986:07:0204:16:5822.1 S179.5 W5.6
HONSHU86 Earthquake near east coast of Honshu ISC1986:06:2402:53:1134.8 N140.6 E6.1
FIJI86 Fiji region earthquake ISC1986:06:1610:48:2721.9 S179.0 W6.2
DOGANSEHIR2 Dogansehir earthquake, Turkey ISC1986:06:0610:39:4738.0 N 37.9 E5.5
STONECAN Earthquake near Stone Canyon, California ISC1986:05:3108:47:5436.5 N121.5 W
HUALIEN Hualien earthquake, Taiwan ISC1986:05:2005:25:4824.1 N121.7 E6.1
ANDREANOF863 Andreanof Islands earthquake ISC1986:05:1716:20:2452.3 N174.3 W5.7
CAUCASUS86 Caucasus earthquake near the Turkey-USSR border ISC1986:05:1308:44:0241.4 N 43.7 E5.5
ANDREAN862 Andreanof Islands earthquake ISC1986:05:0805:37:2051.3 N175.4 W5.9
HINDUKUSH86A Hindu Kush region earthquake, Afghanistan ISC1986:05:0723:25:2536.4 N 70.7 E5.6
ANDREANOF Earthquake and tsunami in the Andreanof Islands ISC1986:05:0722:47:0951.5 N174.8 W6.3
ANDREAN861 Andreanof Islands earthquake ISC1986:05:0720:43:2951.4 N174.8 W5.9
ALABAMA86 Earthquake in Alabama, USA ISC1986:05:0702:27:0133.3 N 87.4 W4.3
DOGANSEHIR1 Dogansehir earthquake, Turkey ISC1986:05:0503:35:3838.0 N 37.8 E5.7
MICHOACAN86 Earthquake near coast of Michoacan, Mexico ISC1986:04:3007:07:2018.4 N103.0 W6.1
MAKIZONO Makizono earthquake, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan ISC1986:04:2807:05:1631.8 N130.7 E
DHARMSALA86 Dharmsala earthquake, southern Kashmir ISC1986:04:2607:35:1632.2 N 76.4 E5.5
KURIL86 Kuril Islands earthquake, NW Pacific ISC1986:04:1612:52:1243.9 N147.6 E6.3
MTLEWIS86 Earthquake near Mt. Lewis, California ISC1986:03:3111:55:3937.5 N121.6 W5.4
MARRYAT Marryat Creek earthquake, Australia ISC1986:03:3008:53:5226.3 S132.8 E5.7
AEGEAN86B Earthquake in the Aegean Sea, Greece ISC1986:03:2918:36:3838.4 N 25.1 E5.1
AEGEAN86A Earthquake in the Aegean Sea, Greece ISC1986:03:2501:41:3538.4 N 25.1 E5.2
FLORES86C Earthquake in the Flores Sea ISC1986:03:2402:23:25 7.3 S120.2 E4.9
PRINCEGEORGE86 Earthquake near Prince George, British Columbia ISC1986:03:2123:56:1854.2 N121.9 W5.3
FLORES86B Earthquake in the Flores Sea ISC1986:03:2121:35:37 7.5 S120.7 E5.5
CASPIANSEA86 Caspian Sea earthquake ISC1986:03:0600:05:3840.4 N 51.6 E6.1
BULGARIAN Earthquake in northern Bulgaria ISC1986:02:2105:39:5543.3 N 26.0 E4.9
NORWAY86 Earthquake off west coast of Norway ISC1986:02:0517:53:3362.7 N 5.1 E4.8
NORTHOHIO Northeastern Ohio earthquake ISC1986:01:3116:46:4141.6 N 81.1 W4.8
FLORES86A Earthquake in the Flores Sea ISC1986:01:3106:19:36 7.3 S120.4 E4.4
TRESPIN86 Tres Pinos earthquake, California ISC1986:01:2619:20:5136.8 N121.3 W5.2
TAIWAN86A Taiwan region earthquake ISC1986:01:1613:04:3124.8 N122.0 E5.4
ADRIATIC86 The Adriatic Sea earthquake ISC1986:01:1115:01:0842.7 N 15.4 E4.3
NAHANNI85C Nahanni aftershock, N-W Territories, Canada ISC1985:12:2319:37:5562.1 N124.3 W5.4
NAHANNI2 Nahanni earthquake, N-W Territories, Canada ISC1985:12:2305:16:0462.2 N124.3 W6.2
VOGTLAND Earthquake in the Vogtland-Western Bohemia region ISC1985:12:2110:16:1850.2 N 12.4 E
XINGTAI85 Hsing-t'ai earthquake, northeast China ISC1985:11:3014:38:2637.2 N114.9 E4.9
SANARDO85 San Ardo, California, earthquake ISC1985:11:2419:21:3836.0 N120.0 W
WIRIAN85 West Irian region earthquake ISC1985:11:1709:40:22 1.8 S134.8 E5.9
NISLAND85B Earthquake NE of North Island, New Zealand ISC1985:11:0719:12:3235.2 S179.3 W6.2
ALGERIA85 Constantine earthquake, Algeria ISC1985:10:2719:34:5736.4 N 6.8 E5.4
WESTCHESTER85 Westchester earthquake, New York State ISC1985:10:1910:07:4041.1 N 73.9 W
LENINABAD Leninabad earthquake, Tadzhikistan ISC1985:10:1315:59:5140.3 N 69.8 E5.8
NAHANNI Nahanni earthquake, N-W Territories, Canada ISC1985:10:0515:24:0362.2 N124.3 W6.4
LIGURIANSEA85 Ligurian Sea earthquake, near south coast of France ISC1985:10:0415:22:1043.7 N 8.0 E
CENTRALJAP Earthquake in central Japan ISC1985:10:0412:25:5235.8 N140.1 E5.7
BONIN85 Bonin Islands earthquake ISC1985:10:0408:41:3927.6 N139.9 E5.5
REDLANDS85 Earthquake near Redlands, California ISC1985:10:0223:44:1234.0 N117.3 W4.1
NEGOTINO Negotino-Demir Kapija region earthquake, Yugoslavia ISC1985:09:2814:50:1541.6 N 22.3 E5.0
NISLAND85A Earthquake NE of North Island, New Zealand ISC1985:09:2607:27:4734.6 S178.6 W6.4
MEXICOCITY2 Mexico City earthquake aftershock ISC1985:09:2101:37:1517.8 N101.7 W6.2
MEXICOCITY Mexico City earthquake ISC1985:09:1913:17:5018.5 N102.3 W6.4
IZUOSHIMA85 Izu-Oshima earthquake, Japan JMA1985:08:2621:03:15 34.8 N139.5 E2.7
XINJIANG Southern Xinjiang earthquake, China ISC1985:08:2312:41:5639.5 N 75.3 E6.2
BALATON85 Earthquake north of Lake Balaton, Hungary ISC1985:08:1504:28:4747.1 N 18.0 E4.7
KETTLEMAN85 Kettleman Hills earthquake, California ISC1985:08:0412:01:5636.1 N120.2 W5.3
HINDUKUSH85 Hindu Kush earthquake, Afghanistan ISC1985:07:2907:54:4536.2 N 70.9 E6.5
HAWKE85 Hawke's Bay earthquake, New Zealand ISC1985:07:1914:33:5938.8 S177.0 E5.7
NEWIRELAND85 Earthquake in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea ISC1985:07:0304:36:53 4.4 S152.8 E6.4
KAZAKHSTAN85 Earthquake in eastern Kazakhstan, USSR ISC1985:06:1500:57:0149.9 N 78.9 E6.1
TAIWAN85 Off Taiwan, China, earthquake ISC1985:06:1217:22:5324.6 N122.1 E5.2
MADAGASCAR85 Earthquake northwest of Madagascar ISC1985:05:1418:11:1210.6 S 41.3 E6.2
MADAGASCAR85A Earthquake northwest of Madagascar ISC1985:05:1413:25:0110.7 S 41.3 E5.8
NEWBRITAIN85 Central New Britain earthquake ISC1985:05:1015:35:51 5.6 S151.1 E6.1
VOLOS85 Earthquake in Magnisia Province, Greece ISC1985:04:3018:14:1339.3 N 22.8 E5.4
LUQUAN Luquan earthquake, Yunnan Province, China ISC1985:04:1805:52:5325.9 N102.9 E5.5
AOMORI85 Aomori Prefecture earthquake, Japan ISC1985:03:2816:07:0740.3 N140.4 E6.0
ALASKA North-Central Alaskan earthquake sequence ISC1985:03:0914:08:0566.2 N150.0 W5.8
SANANTONIO85B San Antonio aftershock, Chile ISC1985:03:0419:03:1032.8 S 71.6 W5.5
SANANTONIO85A San Antonio aftershock, Chile ISC1985:03:0415:01:1533.8 S 71.2 W5.8
SANANTONIO San Antonio earthquake, Chile ISC1985:03:0322:47:0833.1 S 71.7 W6.0
LITHGOW Lithgow earthquake, New South Wales ISC1985:02:1308:01:2133.4 S150.1 E
MENDOZA85 Earthquake in Mendoza Province, Argentina ISC1985:01:2603:07:0333.1 S 68.6 W5.8
NATLANTIC85 North Atlantic ridge earthquake ISC1985:01:1017:47:5610.8 N 43.5 W5.7
CACHAR Cachar earthquake, Assam, India ISC1984:12:3023:33:3524.7 N 92.9 E5.5
KAMCHATKA84 Earthquake near the east coast of Kamchatka ISC1984:12:2810:37:5456.2 N163.3 E6.2
ONORSKOE84 Onorskoe, Sakhlin earthquake ISC1984:12:2200:00:3650.0 N142.6 E5.3
FUKUSHIMA84 Earthquake off Fukushima Prefecture, Japan ISC1984:12:1819:35:2837.2 N141.5 E5.4
KAZAKHSTAN84B Underground nuclear explosion, eastern Kazakhstan ISC1984:12:1603:55:0349.9 N 78.8 E6.1
PACIFIC84 East Central Pacific Ocean earthquake ISC1984:12:0206:09:4420.3 N115.8 W6.0
ROUNDVALLEY Round Valley earthquake, California ISC1984:11:2318:08:2737.4 N118.5 W5.4
LINGWU84 Lingwu earthquake, northern China ISC1984:11:2309:45:2738.0 N106.5 E5.2
VANUATU84 Vanuatu region earthquake, New Hebrides ISC1984:11:2304:46:0614.3 S171.3 E5.9
MINDANAO84 Mindanao earthquake, Philippines ISC1984:11:2008:15:18 5.1 N125.2 E6.4
KAZAKHSTAN84 Underground nuclear explosion, eastern Kazakhstan ISC1984:10:2701:50:1149.9 N 78.8 E6.2
GARM84 Earthquake in the Garm region, Tadzhikistan ISC1984:10:2620:22:1839.2 N 71.4 E5.9
POWDER2 Powder River earthquake, Oregon ISC1984:09:1901:32:0745.1 N116.8 W
BOSOOKI84 Earthquake off east coast of Honshu ISC1984:09:1817:02:4134.0 N141.6 E6.5
NAGANO Nagano-ken-seibu earthquake and landslide, Japan ISC1984:09:1323:48:5135.8 N137.5 E6.0
IZUCOAST Earthquake swarm off east coast of Izu Peninsula ISC1984:08:3116:59:2634.9 N139.3 E
DEADSEA84 Earthquake in the Dead Sea region, Israel ISC1984:08:2406:02:2332.8 N 35.0 E5.1
SUTTON Sutton earthquake, Alaska ISC1984:08:1401:02:0861.8 N149.1 W5.6
POWDER Powder River earthquake, Oregon ISC1984:08:1007:26:3945.0 N117.0 W
OOLONG84 The Oolong earthquake, New South Wales ISC1984:08:0906:30:1234.7 S149.2 E
HYUGANADA84 Hyuganada earthquake, Kyushu, Japan ISC1984:08:0619:06:3832.4 N132.0 E6.2
TREMADOC Tremadoc earthquake, Gwynedd County, Wales, U.K. ISC1984:07:1906:56:1252.9 N 4.2 W4.9
GODLEY Godley River earthquake, New Zealand ISC1984:06:2413:29:4043.6 S170.7 E5.6
MUERTOS Muertos Trough earthquake, northern Caribbean ISC1984:06:2411:17:1118.0 N 69.3 W5.9
SWATLANTIC84 Earthquake in the S-W Atlantic Ocean ISC1984:06:2215:55:2958.5 S 16.0 W6.0
CRETE84 Earthquake near Crete ISC1984:06:2110:43:4135.3 N 23.3 E5.8
TORISHIMA Torishima-Kinkai earthquake, Japan ISC1984:06:1302:29:2331.5 N140.0 E5.5
HYOGO Southwest Hy\=ogo Prefecture earthquake, Japan ISC1984:05:3000:39:4534.9 N134.5 E5.0
BAUTISTA San Juan Bautista earthquake, California ISC1984:05:2605:41:1936.8 N121.6 W
YELLOWSEA South Yellow Sea earthquake, China ISC1984:05:2115:39:0032.7 N121.5 E5.7
ADRIATIC84 Earthquake in the Adriatic Sea ISC1984:05:1312:45:5743.0 N 17.8 E5.0
ABRUZZO84B Abruzzo aftershock, southern Italy ISC1984:05:1110:41:5041.8 N 13.9 E5.2
ABRUZZO84A Earthquake in the Abruzzo area, southern Italy ISC1984:05:0717:49:4341.8 N 13.9 E5.4
ADAK Adak earthquake, Aleutian Islands ISC1984:05:0619:54:4951.7 N176.8 W5.7
OYAMAZAKI Oyamazaki earthquake, Ky\=ot\=o, Japan ISC1984:05:0417:12:5134.9 N135.6 E4.6
PERUGIA84 Perugia earthquake, Italy ISC1984:04:2905:02:5943.3 N 12.5 E5.1
MORGAN Morgan Hill earthquake, California ISC1984:04:2421:15:2037.3 N121.7 W5.6
HONSHU84 Earthquake off Southern Honshu ISC1984:04:2404:11:2930.9 N138.5 E6.1
KURIL84B Earthquake northwest of Kuril Islands ISC1984:04:2321:40:3447.4 N146.7 E5.9
MARTIC Martic earthquake, Pennsylvania ISC1984:04:2301:36:0040.0 N 76.4 W
NEWTOWN Newtown earthquake, Wales, U.K. ISC1984:04:1521:05:3452.2 N 3.3 W
KURIL84 Kuril Islands earthquake ISC1984:03:2409:44:0244.0 N148.1 E6.1
GAZLI3 Gazli earthquake, Uzbekistan ISC1984:03:1920:28:3840.4 N 63.4 E6.4
KOSTA Kostanjevica na Krki earthquake, Yugoslavia ISC1984:03:1111:55:3245.9 N 15.5 E
MOTU Motu River earthquake, New Zealand ISC1984:03:0800:40:5138.3 S177.2 E5.8
HOKKAIDO84 Hokkaido region earthquake, Japan ISC1984:03:0614:55:1642.5 N142.9 E5.5
TORISHIMA84 Torishima earthquake, Bonin Islands ISC1984:03:0602:17:2129.4 N138.9 E6.1
BURMAINDIA84 Earthquake in the Burma-India border region ISC1984:03:0521:26:4324.5 N 94.6 E5.2
BONIN84 Bonin Islands earthquake ISC1984:03:0511:01:0128.7 N139.3 E5.1
MINDINAO84 Mindinao earthquake ISC1984:03:0503:33:52 8.2 N123.8 E6.4
TURANGI Turangi earthquake, New Zealand ISC1984:03:0502:07:1738.9 S175.8 E
BURUN Burun earthquake, Turkmeniya ISC1984:02:2205:44:3739.5 N 54.1 E5.1
ONTARIO84 Earthquake in Ontario, Canada ISC1984:02:1111:26:3750.2 N 92.1 W
SEAOKHOTSK84 Earthquake in the Sea of Okhotsk ISC1984:02:0107:28:2849.1 N146.6 E5.8
IVREA84 Earthquake in the Ivrea region, NW Italy ISC1984:01:1208:24:4644.7 N 7.3 E
ZAIRE84 Earthquake in Zaire, Central Africa ISC1984:01:1118:40:30 6.3 S 27.7 E5.6
WUWEI84 Wuwei earthquake in Gansu Province, China ISC1984:01:0523:33:5938.0 N102.2 E5.4
SHONSHU84 Earthquake off southern coast of Honshu ISC1984:01:0109:03:4033.6 N136.8 E6.4
HINDUKUSH83B Earthquake in the Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan ISC1983:12:3023:52:4036.4 N 70.8 E6.2
GUINEA Gaoul earthquake, Guinea ISC1983:12:2204:11:2911.9 N 13.5 W6.2
WAIOTAPU Waiotapu earthquake, New Zealand ISC1983:12:1420:56:3138.4 S176.3 E
CHAGOS83 Chagos Archipelago earthquake ISC1983:11:3017:46:01 6.9 S 72.0 E6.5
TASMAN Tasman Sea earthquake ISC1983:11:2519:56:0540.4 S155.6 E5.9
BANDA Banda Sea earthquake, Indonesia ISC1983:11:2405:30:35 7.5 S128.2 E6.2
HAWAII Hawaii earthquake ISC1983:11:1616:13:0019.5 N155.4 W6.3
PARMA2 Parma earthquake aftershock, northern Italy ISC1983:11:0921:54:1444.7 N 10.2 E
PARMA Parma earthquake, northern Italy ISC1983:11:0916:29:5244.7 N 10.3 E4.9
LIEGE Li\`ege earthquake, Belgium ISC1983:11:0800:49:3250.7 N 5.3 E4.6
HEZE Heze earthquake, Shandong Province, China ISC1983:11:0621:09:4635.2 N115.2 E5.6
MISASA83 Misasa earthquake, Japan ISC1983:10:3016:51:5635.5 N133.9 E5.4
ERZURUM Erzurum earthquake, Turkey ISC1983:10:3004:12:2840.4 N 42.2 E6.0
BORAH Borah Peak earthquake, Idaho ISC1983:10:2814:06:0744.1 N113.8 W6.1
SSANDWICH83 South Sandwich Islands earthquake ISC1983:10:2204:21:3860.8 S 25.6 W6.4
DURRWOOD Durrwood Meadows swarm, California ISC1983:10:1914:00:3835.9 N118.4 W
AZORES283 Azores-Gibraltar earthquake ISC1983:10:1719:36:2237.6 N 17.4 W5.9
LOUISIANA83 Lake Charles, Louisiana, earthquake ISC1983:10:1619:40:5030.2 N 93.4 W
OTTAWA83 Earthquake near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ISC1983:10:1104:10:5445.2 N 75.9 W4.1
MAGNA83 Earthquake near Magna, Utah ISC1983:10:0811:57:5440.8 N112.0 W4.3
BLUEMOUNT Blue Mountain Lake earthquake, New York State ISC1983:10:0710:18:4444.0 N 74.4 W5.1
SGREECE83 Earthquake in southern Greece ISC1983:10:0704:14:0438.0 N 23.3 E4.8
CARPATHIANS Trans-Carpathian earthquake ISC1983:10:0422:17:4448.0 N 23.1 E
PHLEG Earthquake in the Phlegr\ae_an fields, Italy ISC1983:10:0407:09:5940.7 N 14.0 E
SOLBERG Solberg earthquake, Sweden ISC1983:09:2905:03:2263.8 N 17.7 E
CHIAPAS83 Chiapas earthquake, Mexico ISC1983:09:1510:39:0216.1 N 93.2 W5.7
HINDUKUSH83A Earthquake in the Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan ISC1983:09:1215:42:0836.5 N 71.1 E5.9
KILAUEA83 Earthquake near Kilauea volcano, Hawaii ISC1983:09:0916:30:5619.4 N155.2 W5.3
KYUSHU83 Kyushu earthquake, Japan ISC1983:08:2520:23:3333.5 N131.5 E6.2
CASPIANSEA Seismic event in the Caspian Sea region, USSR ISC1983:08:2005:46:2540.8 N 51.8 E5.1
KAMCHATKA2 Earthquake in Kamchatka ISC1983:08:1710:55:5755.8 N161.3 E6.4
YAMANASHI2 Eastern Yamanashi Prefecture earthquake, Japan ISC1983:08:0803:47:5935.5 N139.1 E5.8
NAEGEAN Northern \AE_gean Sea earthquake ISC1983:08:0615:43:5240.1 N 24.7 E6.0
SSHETLANDS83 South Shetland Islands earthquake ISC1983:07:1112:56:2960.9 S 53.1 W5.8
ZAIRE83 Earthquake in Zaire, Central Africa ISC1983:07:0720:35:37 7.4 S 27.9 E5.8
HUALIEN83 Earthquake off Hualien, Taiwan ISC1983:06:2409:06:4624.2 N122.4 E6.0
TUANGIAO Tuan Giao earthquake, Vietnam ISC1983:06:2407:18:2221.8 N103.3 E6.0
AUSTRIA2 Earthquake in Austria ISC1983:06:2403:11:0247.7 N 16.0 E
SEAOFJAPAN Sea of Japan earthquake and tsunami ISC1983:05:2602:59:5940.5 N139.1 E6.6
NEWBRITAIN83 Earthquake in the New Britain region ISC1983:05:1018:27:32 4.8 S152.5 E5.7
TAIPING Taipingshan earthquake, Taiwan ISC1983:05:1000:15:0524.5 N121.5 E5.6
COALINGA3 Coalinga earthquake, California ISC1983:05:0902:49:1136.2 N120.3 W5.1
CHIN Southern Xinjiang Province event, China ISC1983:05:0405:00:0241.6 N 88.3 E4.5
COALINGA Coalinga earthquake, California ISC1983:05:0223:42:3836.2 N120.3 W6.1
SRINAKARIND Srinakarind Reservoir earthquake, Thailand ISC1983:04:2200:37:4014.9 N 99.1 E5.8
MAKRAN83 Earthquake in the Makran region, southern Iran ISC1983:04:1810:58:4927.8 N 62.1 E6.4
AUSTRIA Earthquake in southeastern Austria ISC1983:04:1414:52:1347.7 N 15.0 E4.5
GARM83B Earthquake in the Garm region, Tadzhikistan ISC1983:04:0622:18:4638.8 N 71.5 E5.2
SUMATERA83 Earthquake in northern Sumatera ISC1983:04:0402:51:35 5.7 N 94.7 E6.5
CATAMARCA83 Earthquake in Catamarca Province, Argentina ISC1983:04:0205:58:3628.5 S 66.6 W5.5
POPAYAN Popay\'an earthquake, Colombia ISC1983:03:3113:12:51 2.5 N 76.7 W5.4
DAMAVAND Damavand earthquake, Iran ISC1983:03:2604:07:2036.1 N 52.3 E5.4
KEFALLINIA83 Kefallinia earthquake, Greece ISC1983:03:2323:51:0638.2 N 20.3 E5.6
KUMDAG Kum-Dag earthquake, Turkmeniya ISC1983:03:1412:12:4839.4 N 54.6 E5.2
NXINJIANG83 Earthquake in northern Xinjiang Province ISC1983:03:0303:32:1643.9 N 86.7 E5.4
IBARAKI2 Southern Ibaraki earthquake, Japan ISC1983:02:2712:14:2035.9 N140.1 E5.7
GARM83A Earthquake in the Garm region, Tadzhikistan ISC1983:02:2620:07:4538.9 N 70.7 E5.3
RIMNICU R\^imnicu S\v_arat earthquake, Romania ISC1983:02:2118:03:5745.3 N 26.9 E4.7
SHUMAGIN2 Shumagin Islands sequence, Alaska ISC1983:02:1408:10:0455.0 N159.2 W6.0
SHUMAGIN Shumagin Islands sequence, Alaska ISC1983:02:1403:20:0555.0 N159.2 W5.9
XINJIANG83 Southern Xinjiang earthquake, China ISC1983:02:1301:40:0940.0 N 75.2 E5.6
MISSISS Mississippi earthquake ISC1983:02:0513:08:2034.8 N 88.4 W
AQABA Gulf of Aqaba earthquake ISC1983:02:0313:46:0529.2 N 34.8 E4.9
KERMADEC83 Kermadec Islands earthquake ISC1983:01:2616:02:1830.4 S179.3 W6.0
ANDAMAN83 Earthquake in the Andaman Islands region ISC1983:01:2423:09:2212.9 N 93.6 E6.1
AZORES183 Azores-Gibraltar earthquake ISC1983:01:2416:34:1039.7 N 14.5 W5.6
KEFALLINIA Kefallin\'ia earthquake, Greece ISC1983:01:1712:41:3038.1 N 20.3 E6.2
IZUSWARM Izu earthquake swarm, Japan ISC1983:01:1607:21:1534.9 N139.2 E4.5
LONGVALLEY Long Valley earthquake series, California ISC1983:01:0701:18:5337.6 N118.9 W
MIYAKE Miyake earthquake and tsunami, Honshu ISC1982:12:2806:37:4333.9 N139.5 E5.8
TONGA82 Earthquake south of Tonga ISC1982:12:1917:43:5824.2 S176.0 W5.9
TORRIENTE Torriente-Jag\"uey Grande earthquake, Cuba ISC1982:12:1620:20:2622.2 N 81.5 W
HINDUKUSH82 Hindu Kush region earthquake, Afghanistan ISC1982:12:1600:40:4936.1 N 69.0 E6.1
YEMEN Yemen earthquake, western Arabian peninsula ISC1982:12:1309:12:5114.7 N 44.2 E5.8
WYALONG Wyalong earthquake series, New South Wales ISC1982:11:2600:11:1433.9 S147.1 E
ANTARCTICA Earthquake in continental Antarctica ISC1982:11:0400:14:1980.8 S 36.9 E4.5
FUNIN Funin earthquake, Yunnan Province, China ISC1982:10:2715:36:3623.9 N106.0 E5.1
COALINGA2 Coalinga earthquake, California ISC1982:10:2522:26:0436.3 N120.5 W5.3
GARMSAR Garmsar earthquake, Iran ISC1982:10:2516:54:5235.1 N 52.4 E4.5
LULONG82 Lulong earthquake, China ISC1982:10:1912:45:5840.0 N118.9 E5.1
WANGANUI Wanganui earthquake, New Zealand ISC1982:10:1208:41:0439.7 S174.1 E
GREENBACK2 Greenback earthquake, Tennessee ISC1982:09:2422:19:1635.8 N 84.3 W
GREENBACK Greenback earthquake, Tennessee ISC1982:09:2421:57:4235.8 N 84.3 W
TOBAGOSWARM Southern Tobago earthquake ISC1982:09:2016:26:4411.3 N 60.8 W5.2
BONIN82A Bonin Islands earthquake ISC1982:09:0802:37:3326.9 N140.3 E5.3
HAWKESBAY Hawke's Bay earthquake, North Island, New Zealand ISC1982:09:0215:58:5439.8 S176.8 E5.6
MED82 Earthquake in the western Mediterranean ISC1982:08:1722:22:2033.7 N 22.9 E6.1
MONGOLIA82 Earthquake in Mongolia ISC1982:08:0304:50:2548.9 N 89.6 E5.3
IBARAKI Earthquake off Ibaraki Prefecture, Honshu, Japan ISC1982:07:2314:23:5536.4 N141.6 E6.2
BONIN82 Bonin Islands earthquake ISC1982:07:0401:20:0827.9 N137.0 E6.2
KAZAKHSTAN82 Underground nuclear explosion, eastern Kazakhstan ISC1982:07:0401:17:1550.0 N 78.9 E6.1
JIANCHUAN Jianchuan earthquake, Yunnan Province, China ISC1982:07:0308:13:3326.6 N100.0 E5.0
KURIL82 Kuril Trench earthquake, NW Pacific ISC1982:06:3001:57:3544.6 N151.0 E6.4
ELSALVADOR El Salvador earthquake ISC1982:06:1906:21:5813.3 N 89.4 W6.0
ANZA2 Anza earthquake, California ISC1982:06:1523:49:2133.5 N116.7 W4.5
SHONSHU82 Earthquake south of Honshu ISC1982:06:1206:02:0330.4 N138.4 E5.2
OMETEPEC Ometepec earthquake, Mexico ISC1982:06:0706:52:3516.5 N 98.3 W5.8
ADAKCANYON Adak Canyon earthquake, Aleutian Islands ISC1982:06:0403:01:0451.6 N177.4 W5.8
RICHFIELD82 Earthquake near Richfield, Utah ISC1982:05:2412:13:2738.7 N112.0 W4.7
SWATLANTIC82 Earthquake in the S-W Atlantic Ocean ISC1982:05:0705:38:3660.8 S 21.0 W6.0
CHIMION Chimion earthquake, Fergana basin, USSR ISC1982:05:0615:42:2240.2 N 71.5 E5.5
KILAUEA Kilauea earthquake, Hawaii ISC1982:04:1202:04:0219.3 N155.2 W4.6
NEWBRUNSWICK3 Earthquake in New Brunswick ISC1982:03:3121:02:1847.1 N 66.6 W5.0
URAKAWA Urakawa-Oki earthquake, Japan ISC1982:03:2102:32:0642.2 N142.5 E6.3
KIRIBATI82B Earthquake in the Kiribati region, Gilbert Islands ISC1982:03:1719:45:48 3.5 S177.7 E4.9
LEIPZIG Leipzig earthquake, Germany ISC1982:02:2004:34:3651.5 N 12.3 E
SUKABUMI Sukabumi earthquake, Java, Indonesia ISC1982:02:1016:17:54 6.9 S106.8 E5.0
YAXIAN82 Earthquake near Yaxian, Hai-nan Island, China ISC1982:01:2507:50:2718.4 N109.4 E4.4
HAWAII82B Hawaiian earthquake ISC1982:01:2122:29:1319.3 N155.6 W5.6
HAWAII82A Hawaiian earthquake ISC1982:01:2121:52:4019.3 N155.7 W5.4
KIRIBATI82A Earthquake in the Kiribati region, Gilbert Islands ISC1982:01:2117:50:26 3.4 S177.5 E4.7
ARKANSAS Arkansas earthquake swarm ISC1982:01:2100:33:5535.0 N 92.2 W4.4
NICOBAR Nicobar Islands earthquake ISC1982:01:2004:25:12 7.1 N 94.0 E5.5
AEGEAN AE_gean earthquake ISC1982:01:1819:27:2540.0 N 24.4 E5.8
NEWBRUNSWICK2 New Brunswick aftershock ISC1982:01:1121:41:0647.1 N 66.6 W5.5
NEWBRUNSWICK New Brunswick earthquake ISC1982:01:0912:53:5047.0 N 66.7 W5.8
CROATIAN Croatian earthquake, Yugoslavia ISC1981:12:2713:25:3446.4 N 16.8 E
AEGEAN2 AE_gean earthquake ISC1981:12:1914:10:5139.2 N 25.3 E6.0
ENSENADA Ensenada Bay earthquake swarm, Baja California ISC1981:12:0413:53:5531.8 N116.7 W
AOMORI2 Earthquake off Aomori Prefecture, Japan ISC1981:12:0206:24:4440.9 N142.6 E5.7
ZAIRE81 Earthquake in Zaire, West Africa ISC1981:11:1809:17:31 2.3 S 22.8 E5.8
APPIN Appin earthquake, New South Wales ISC1981:11:1516:58:1134.2 S150.8 E
ASWAN Asw\^an earthquake, Egypt ISC1981:11:1409:05:3223.8 N 32.6 E5.1
TULCEA81 Earthquake in eastern Romania ISC1981:11:1309:07:0845.3 N 29.0 E5.2
XINGTAI81 Hsing-t'ai earthquake, northeast China ISC1981:11:0818:01:0437.4 N115.0 E5.1
MICHOACAN Michoacan earthquake, Mexico ISC1981:10:2503:22:1618.2 N102.0 W6.3
LONGISLAND Long Island Sound earthquake, New York ISC1981:10:2116:49:0441.1 N 72.5 W
TACHIRA T\'achira earthquake, Venezuela ISC1981:10:1804:31:01 8.2 N 72.5 W5.5
CHILE81 Earthquake off the coast of central Chile ISC1981:10:1603:25:4033.2 S 73.1 W6.2
HISPANIOLA Hispaniola earthquake ISC1981:09:1412:44:3018.3 N 68.9 W5.9
DAREL Darel Valley earthquake, Pakistan ISC1981:09:1207:15:5435.7 N 73.6 E6.1
SBARBARA Santa Barbara Island earthquake, California ISC1981:09:0415:50:5233.9 N119.0 W5.4
SHIKOTAN2 Shikotan earthquake, Kuril Islands ISC1981:09:0305:35:4243.5 N147.1 E6.6
SAMOA Samoa Islands region earthquake ISC1981:09:0107:23:0115.2 S173.2 W5.7
TENNESSEE Brazil, Tennessee earthquake ISC1981:08:0711:53:4135.9 N 89.1 W
KERMAN Kerm\=an earthquake, Iran ISC1981:07:2817:22:2330.0 N 57.8 E5.9
VANUATU Vanuatu earthquake, New Hebrides ISC1981:07:1507:59:1017.3 S167.6 E5.6
IBBEN Ibbenb\"uren earthquake, West Germany ISC1981:07:1308:12:4452.3 N 7.6 E
ONTARIO Southern Ontario earthquake sequence ISC1981:07:0423:16:3145.2 N 74.6 W
GOLBAF Golbaf earthquake, southeast Iran ISC1981:06:1107:24:2529.9 N 57.7 E6.0
BAIKALIAN2 Baikal earthquake, USSR ISC1981:05:2721:26:0654.0 N108.9 E5.2
AKARNANIA81B Akarnan\'ia earthquake, Greece ISC1981:05:2718:12:0438.8 N 21.0 E5.0
AKARNANIA81A Akarnan\'ia earthquake, Greece ISC1981:05:2715:25:5338.8 N 21.0 E5.0
SOUTHLAND81 Earthquake off South Island, New Zealand ISC1981:05:2505:25:0948.6 S164.7 E5.9
BAIKALIAN Baikal earthquake, USSR ISC1981:05:2209:51:1852.0 N105.8 E5.2
NORTHCAROL2 North Carolina earthquake, USA ISC1981:05:0521:21:5635.3 N 82.5 W
AFGHAN81 Earthquake near the Afghan-USSR border ISC1981:05:0216:04:5536.4 N 71.2 E5.9
WESTMORLAND81 Westmorland earthquake, southern California ISC1981:04:2612:09:2933.1 N115.7 W5.5
ZAGUBICA v_Zagubica earthquake, Yugoslavia ISC1981:04:1315:20:2544.2 N 21.7 E
NORTHCAROL North Carolina earthquake, USA ISC1981:04:0907:10:3135.5 N 82.1 W
KERGUELEN Kerguelen Plateau earthquake ISC1981:04:0621:53:2258.0 S 82.5 E4.7
DENVER Denver earthquake sequence, Colorado ISC1981:04:0216:10:0540.0 N104.8 W4.6
ETNA Eruption of Mount Etna, Sicily ISC1981:03:1710:32:3037.4 N 15.0 E
ALKION3 Alkion\'idhes Islands earthquake, Greece ISC1981:03:0421:58:0738.2 N 23.3 E5.8
ALKION2 Alkion\'idhes Islands earthquake, Greece ISC1981:02:2502:35:5438.2 N 23.1 E5.7
ALKION Alkion\'idhes Islands earthquake, Greece ISC1981:02:2420:53:3738.2 N 23.0 E6.1
CAUCASIAN Earthquake in the eastern Caucasus ISC1981:02:2304:06:4041.8 N 46.1 E5.1
ELKLAKE Elk Lake earthquake sequence, Washington State ISC1981:02:1406:09:2846.4 N122.1 W5.1
VANERN Lake V\"anern earthquake sequence, Sweden ISC1981:02:1306:39:0758.9 N 14.2 E
MEXICO Mexico City earthquake swarm ISC1981:02:0413:40:2619.2 N 99.2 W
JUDENBURG2 Judenburg earthquake, Austria ISC1981:01:3112:48:3747.1 N 14.7 E
TAIWAN81 Taiwan earthquake ISC1981:01:2904:51:3724.5 N121.9 E5.7
DAOFU Daofu (Dawu) earthquake, Sichuan Province ISC1981:01:2321:13:5230.9 N101.2 E5.7
HIDAKA Hidaka District earthquake, Japan ISC1981:01:2304:58:3142.5 N142.2 E6.4
JUDENBURG Judenburg earthquake, Austria ISC1981:01:2104:21:1547.1 N 14.4 E
OFFMIYAGI Earthquake off Miyagi Prefecture, Japan ISC1981:01:1818:17:2738.7 N142.8 E6.1
SHIZUOKA Shizuoka-Seibu earthquake, Japan ISC1981:01:1522:21:2735.1 N137.9 E
HONSHU80 Earthquake south of Honshu, Japan ISC1980:12:1923:32:4230.6 N140.9 E6.1
GIVE Give earthquake, Iran NEIS1980:12:1901:16:5634.6 N 50.7 E5.6
VANCOUVER80 Earthquake off Vancouver Island, Canada ISC1980:12:1716:21:5849.4 N129.6 W6.0
DUSHANBE Dushanbe earthquake, Tadzhikistan ISC1980:12:1619:00:5338.5 N 68.9 E4.4
HYUGANADA Hy\=uganada earthquake, Japan NEIS1980:12:1123:10:0232.4 N131.7 E5.6
NAZARBEK Nazarbek earthquake, USSR ISC1980:12:1114:35:2841.3 N 69.1 E5.0
CAMPANIA80A Irpinia aftershock, Campania, Italy ISC1980:12:0802:49:4040.9 N 15.3 E4.6
RIDGELY Ridgely earthquake, Tennessee ISC1980:12:0208:59:3036.2 N 89.4 W
BELCHATOW Belchat\'ow earthquake, Poland ISC1980:11:2920:42:1751.4 N 19.5 E
CAMPANIA Campania-Basilicata earthquake, Italy ISC1980:11:2318:34:5240.9 N 15.3 E6.0
CHELMSFORD Chelmsford-Lowell earthquake, Massachusetts NEIS1980:11:2300:39:3242.6 N 71.4 W
EUREKA Eureka earthquake, California NEIS1980:11:0810:27:3441.1 N124.3 W6.2
COLOMBIA80 Earthquake in northern Colombia ISC1980:10:2823:20:00 7.3 N 74.8 W5.0
*HUAJUAHuaju\'apan de Le\'on, Oaxaca, earthquake, Mexico ISC1980:10:2414:53:3518.2 N 98.2 W6.3
LOYALTY Loyalty Islands region earthquake sequence ISC1980:10:2403:25:3722.0 S170.1 E5.8
ELASNAM El Asnam earthquake, Algeria ISC1980:10:1012:25:2236.2 N 1.4 E6.3
KOBUK Kobuk earthquake, Alaska NEIS1980:10:0614:57:3566.7 N155.1 W4.6
BAIKAL Earthquake in Lake Baikal region, USSR ISC1980:10:0201:12:3951.4 N107.3 E5.0
TOKYO80 Tokyo earthquake ISC1980:09:2417:54:2433.5 N140.2 E5.9
KOYNA3 Koyna earthquake, India ISC1980:09:2010:45:3017.3 N 73.6 E5.2
KOYNA2 Koyna earthquake, India ISC1980:09:2007:28:5817.2 N 73.9 E4.8
PRIBRAM P\v_r\'ibram rockburst, Czechoslovakia NEIS1980:09:1209:37:3949.6 N 14.0 E
BRAILA80 Br\v_aila-Gala\c_ti earthquake, Romania ISC1980:09:1123:24:2645.4 N 28.1 E4.6
KOYNA Koyna earthquake, India ISC1980:09:0216:39:1417.3 N 73.8 E4.7
SKASHMIR80B Earthquake in the southern Kashmir region ISC1980:08:2321:50:0132.9 N 75.8 E5.2
SKASHMIR80A Earthquake in the southern Kashmir region ISC1980:08:2321:36:4933.0 N 75.8 E5.2
TOLUCA80 Toluca Valley earthquake sequence, Mexico ISC1980:08:1909:34:2619.1 N 99.5 W
NEPAL Nepal earthquake ISC1980:07:2914:58:4229.6 N 81.1 E6.1
KENTUCKY Kentucky earthquake, USA NEIS1980:07:2718:52:2238.2 N 83.9 W5.1
SANCRUZ80 Santa Cruz Islands earthquake ISC1980:07:1719:42:2312.5 S166.1 E5.6
MAGNISIA Magnisia earthquake sequence, Greece ISC1980:07:0902:11:5739.3 N 22.9 E5.8
IZUHANTO2 Izu-Hanto-Toho-Oki earthquake, Japan NEIS1980:06:2907:20:0634.8 N139.2 E5.8
GDANSK Gulf of Gda\'nsk earthquake UPP1980:06:2806:29:2354.8 N 20.8 E
MENGZI Mengzi earthquake, Yunnan Province ISC1980:06:1721:45:5123.7 N103.7 E5.0
VICTORIA Victoria earthquake, Mexico NEIS1980:06:0903:28:1932.2 N115.0 W5.6
SICILY80 Earthquake off the north coast of Sicily ISC1980:05:2819:51:2038.5 N 14.3 E5.5
MAMMOTH3 Mammoth Lakes earthquake, California NEIS1980:05:2714:50:5737.5 N118.8 W5.7
MAMMOTH2 Mammoth Lakes earthquake, California NEIS1980:05:2519:44:5137.6 N118.8 W5.5
MAMMOTH4 Mammoth Lakes earthquake, California ISC1980:05:2516:49:2737.6 N119.0 W5.4
MAMMOTH Mammoth Lakes earthquake, California NEIS1980:05:2516:33:4537.6 N118.8 W6.1
YUGOSLAVIAN Yugoslavian earthquake ERDA1980:05:1820:02:5843.3 N 20.8 E5.7
MOUNTSTHELENS Mount St. Helens eruption, Washington State ISC1980:05:1815:32:1446.4 N122.0 W4.6
SOMALIAN Somalian earthquake, East Africa NEIS1980:05:0303:30:5610.0 N 43.1 E5.3
COLWICK Nuclear explosion COLWICK NEIS1980:04:2617:00:0037.2 N116.4 W
TASIKMALAYA Tasikmalaya earthquake, Java NEIS1980:04:1612:18:21 8.1 S108.8 E5.8
GODAVARI East Godavari earthquake, India ISC1980:03:3116:25:3517.5 N 81.8 E
GODAVARI2 East Godavari earthquake, India ISC1980:03:3013:31:5317.5 N 81.8 E4.4
KAMCHATKA Kamchatka Bay earthquake ISC1980:03:2210:27:3855.7 N161.4 E5.7
SVOGUE Svogue earthquake, Bulgaria ISC1980:03:0916:52:2443.0 N 23.4 E4.5
ANZA Anza earthquake, California ISC1980:02:2510:47:3933.5 N116.7 W5.0
TIBET80 Earthquake in Tibet ISC1980:02:2203:02:4530.6 N 88.7 E5.7
VIRGIN Virgin Islands earthquake, West Indies ISC1980:02:1417:11:4418.7 N 64.7 W4.7
KARAKORUM80 Earthquake in the Kashmir-Sinkiang border region ISC1980:02:1322:09:3136.5 N 76.9 E6.0
MULI Muli earthquake, Sichuan Province ISC1980:02:0212:29:1527.8 N101.2 E5.1
LIVERMORE2 Livermore earthquake, California NEIS1980:01:2419:00:1037.9 N121.8 W5.3
GARM80 Earthquake in the Garm region, Tadzhikistan ISC1980:01:1722:47:1339.3 N 71.7 E4.9
ANNSVILLE Annsville earthquake, New York State ISC1980:01:1710:13:1741.3 N 74.0 W
PINEROLO Pinerolo earthquake, northern Italy ISC1980:01:0514:32:2745.1 N 7.4 E4.7
AZORES Azores earthquake ISC1980:01:0116:42:3938.8 N 27.8 W6.0
CARLISLE Carlisle earthquake, England NEIS1979:12:2603:57:0454.9 N 26.7 W4.5
LARIOJA79 Earthquake in La Rioja Province, Argentina ISC1979:12:2400:13:4029.6 S 66.9 W5.3
BERGSHAMRA Bergshamra earthquake, Sweden ISC1979:12:2314:09:1059.5 N 18.8 E
COLOMBIAN Colombian earthquake and tsunami NEIS1979:12:1207:59:03 1.6 N 79.4 W6.4
GHAENAT2 Ghaenat earthquake sequence, Iran NEIS1979:11:2717:10:3334.0 N 59.7 E6.1
COLOMBIAN2 Colombian earthquake ISC1979:11:2323:40:30 4.8 N 76.2 W6.3
BOHEMIAN Bohemian earthquake ISC1979:11:2118:57:2950.4 N 16.2 E
TAVEUNI Taveuni earthquake, Fiji NEIS1979:11:1615:21:2616.8 S180.0 W6.1
GHAENAT Ghaenat earthquake sequence, Iran NEIS1979:11:1402:21:2233.9 N 59.7 E6.0
GARUT Garut earthquake, Java ISC1979:11:0215:53:07 7.8 S108.2 E6.1
IMPERIAL Imperial Valley earthquake, California ISC1979:10:1523:16:5832.9 N115.5 W5.6
SOUTHLAND Southland earthquake, New Zealand ISC1979:10:1210:25:2346.5 S165.9 E6.0
SUMATERA79 Earthquake off the west coast of northern Sumatera ISC1979:09:2918:37:10 1.2 N 94.2 E6.2
KILAUEA79 Earthquake on the south flank of Kilauea volcano, Hawaii ISC1979:09:2207:59:3819.4 N155.1 W5.6
VALNERINA Valnerina earthquake, Umbria, central Italy ISC1979:09:1921:35:3742.8 N 13.0 E5.8
WUYUAN Wuyuan earthquake, Inner Mongolia ISC1979:08:2416:59:2941.2 N108.1 E5.7
CHARLEVOIX Charlevoix earthquake, Quebec ISC1979:08:1922:49:3047.6 N 70.0 W4.5
COYOTE Coyote Lake earthquake, California NEIS1979:08:0617:05:2337.1 N121.5 W5.4
IMOTSKO Imotsko Polje earthquake, Yugoslavia ISC1979:07:2514:08:5343.5 N 17.2 E
LIYANG Liyang earthquake, eastern China NEIS1979:07:0910:57:2231.5 N119.2 E5.5
GRANADA Granada earthquake, Spain ISC1979:06:2000:09:0537.3 N 3.5 W4.7
CADOUX Cadoux earthquake, Western Australia NEIS1979:06:0209:47:5830.8 S117.2 E6.0
INDON Indo-Nepal earthquake ISC1979:05:2022:59:1229.9 N 80.3 E5.7
VOLCANO Volcano Islands earthquake ISC1979:05:1820:18:0424.1 N142.4 E5.8
HAKODATE Hakodate earthquake, Japan ISC1979:04:2916:53:0441.8 N140.6 E4.5
PACIFICA Pacifica earthquake, California ISC1979:04:2800:44:4437.6 N122.5 W
DEADSEA Dead Sea earthquake ISC1979:04:2313:01:5631.2 N 35.5 E5.0
MONTENEGRAN Montenegro earthquake, Yugoslavia ISC1979:04:1506:19:4842.0 N 19.1 E6.1
SSINKIANG79 Earthquake in southern Sinkiang Province ISC1979:03:2902:01:3242.0 N 83.4 E5.8
HOMESTEAD Homestead earthquake sequence, California ISC1979:03:1520:17:4934.2 N116.5 W5.1
PUER79 Puer earthquake, Yunnan Province, China ISC1979:03:1512:52:2623.2 N101.1 E5.5
PETATLAN Petatl\'an, Guerrero, earthquake, Mexico NEIS1979:03:1411:07:1617.8 N101.3 W6.5
STELIAS St. Elias earthquake, Alaska NEIS1979:02:2821:27:0660.6 N141.6 W6.4
OCHIL Ochil Hills earthquake, Scotland ISC1979:02:1911:39:3256.3 N 3.8 W
ERIMO Earthquake off Cape Erimo, Japan ISC1979:01:1911:56:1641.6 N143.9 E5.5
MALIBU79 Malibu earthquake, southern California ISC1979:01:0123:14:3733.9 N118.8 W5.1
PUKAKI78 Lake Pukaki earthquake, New Zealand ISC1978:12:1715:37:4044.1 S170.0 E4.2
GILFKEBIR Gilf Kebir earthquake, Egypt ISC1978:12:0907:12:5224.0 N 26.4 E5.2
SHIKOTAN Shikotan earthquake ISC1978:12:0614:02:0544.6 N146.7 E6.3
OAXACA Oaxaca earthquake, Mexico NEIS1978:11:2919:52:4816.0 N 96.6 W6.4
MELOY Mel\"oy earthquake, Norway UPP1978:11:2813:55:3866.8 N 13.7 E
OFFIZU Off-Izu earthquake, Japan ISC1978:11:2301:43:5134.7 N139.1 E5.0
ASAL Asal-Ghubbet earthquake, Djibouti ISC1978:11:0717:05:5311.5 N 42.6 E5.3
SIAHBIL Siahbil earthquake, northwestern Iran ISC1978:11:0415:22:2037.7 N 49.0 E6.0
GARM Garm earthquake, Tadzhikistan ISC1978:11:0119:48:2439.3 N 72.6 E5.9
KAZAKHSTAN78 Underground nuclear explosion, Kazakhstan ISC1978:10:1704:59:5747.8 N 48.1 E5.8
BISHOP Bishop earthquake, California ISC1978:10:0416:42:4837.5 N118.7 W5.3
TABAS Tabas earthquake, Iran ISC1978:09:1615:35:5733.4 N 57.4 E6.4
HAHAJIMA Off-Hahajima earthquake, Bonin Islands ISC1978:09:1304:27:5626.3 N142.1 E5.2
DIAMOND Diamond Valley earthquake sequence, California ISC1978:09:0421:54:5638.8 N119.8 W4.7
SWABIAN Swabian Alb earthquake, Germany NEIS1978:09:0305:08:3048.3 N 9.0 E4.9
SANTABARBARA Santa Barbara earthquake, California NEIS1978:08:1322:54:5434.4 N119.7 W5.5
LANHSU Lanhsu earthquake, Taiwan ISC1978:07:2314:42:4022.2 N121.4 E6.4
KURILISLANDS2 Kuril Islands earthquake ISC1978:06:2111:10:3948.3 N148.7 E5.8
THESSALONIKI Thessalon\'iki earthquake, Greece ISC1978:06:2020:03:2240.8 N 23.2 E6.1
SNYDER Snyder earthquake, Texas ISC1978:06:1611:46:5433.0 N100.7 W4.3
DHARMSALA78 Dharmsala earthquake, southern Kashmir ISC1978:06:1416:12:0532.2 N 76.6 E5.0
MIYAGIKEN Miyagiken-oki earthquake, Japan NEIS1978:06:1208:14:2638.2 N142.0 E6.8
BALISEA Bali Sea earthquake ISC1978:06:1017:38:21 6.1 S114.3 E5.5
SHIMANE Shimane earthquake, Japan NEIS1978:06:0320:03:5235.1 N132.6 E5.2
SHIMANE3 Shimane earthquake, Japan ISC1978:05:2710:16:0035.1 N132.8 E
SHIMANE2 Shimane earthquake, Japan ISC1978:05:2613:43:2835.1 N132.8 E
HAICHENG2 Haicheng earthquake, China ISC1978:05:1812:33:3540.7 N122.5 E5.4
AOMORI Off-Aomori earthquake, Japan ISC1978:05:1607:35:4841.1 N141.4 E5.6
MCNAUGHTON McNaughton Lake earthquake, British Columbia, Canada ISC1978:05:1422:37:0452.7 N118.8 W4.8
PATTI Gulf of Patti earthquake, Sicily ISC1978:04:1523:33:4838.4 N 15.1 E5.5
CORSICAN Corsican earthquake ISC1978:04:0306:26:4142.3 N 9.4 E
FORTROSS Fort Ross earthquake sequence, California ISC1978:03:3101:03:2638.5 N123.3 W
TYUP Zhalanash-Tyup earthquake, Alma-Ata ISC1978:03:2421:05:4942.8 N 78.6 E6.1
BERMUDA Bermuda earthquake, North Atlantic Ocean ISC1978:03:2400:42:3729.7 N 67.5 W6.0
FLORENCE Florence earthquake, Italy ISC1978:03:2302:06:3043.8 N 11.3 E
KURILISLANDS Kuril Islands earthquake sequence ISC1978:03:2200:50:3543.8 N148.8 E6.3
REKOVAC Rekovac earthquake, Yugoslavia ISC1978:03:1806:34:4043.8 N 21.1 E
FERRUZANO Ferruzano earthquake, southern Italy ISC1978:03:1119:20:4838.1 N 16.1 E5.5
PUGET Puget Sound earthquake, Washington State ISC1978:03:1115:52:1147.5 N122.7 W4.2
HONSHU78 Earthquake south of Honshu, Japan ISC1978:03:0702:48:4832.0 N137.6 E6.5
MIYAGI Off-Miyagi earthquake, Japan ISC1978:02:2004:36:5838.8 N142.0 E6.0
DONAT St-Donat earthquake sequence, Quebec ISC1978:02:1814:48:2346.4 N 74.2 W
REDSEA78 Red Sea earthquake ISC1978:01:1715:00:3116.5 N 40.3 E5.1
IZUOSHIMA Izu-Oshima-kinkai earthquake and tsunami, Japan NEIS1978:01:1403:24:3934.8 N139.3 E6.2
REDSEA77 Red Sea earthquake ISC1977:12:2802:45:3316.5 N 40.3 E5.9
BOBTANGOL Bob-Tangol earthquake, southeastern Iran ISC1977:12:1923:34:3330.9 N 56.5 E5.3
SANJUAN San Juan Province earthquake, Argentina ISC1977:11:2309:26:2331.0 S 67.8 W6.4
VELINGRAD Velingrad earthquake, Bulgaria ISC1977:11:0302:22:5642.1 N 24.0 E5.2
THREEKINGS77 Earthquake on Three Kings Ridge, north of New Zealand ISC1977:10:1717:26:4027.9 S173.1 E6.2
BURMAINDIA77 Earthquake in the Burma-India border region ISC1977:10:1311:32:0923.5 N 93.3 E5.2
TONGA2 Tonga-Kermadec earthquake ISC1977:10:1011:53:5325.9 S175.4 W6.4
FRIULI5 Friuli earthquake, Italy, aftershock ISC1977:09:1623:48:0846.3 N 13.0 E5.1
INDONESIAN Indonesian earthquake and tsunami ISC1977:08:1906:08:5511.2 S118.4 E6.8
OGORON Ogoron earthquake, eastern USSR ISC1977:08:1613:57:0053.9 N128.7 E4.2
TONGA Tonga earthquake ISC1977:06:2212:08:3422.9 S175.7 W6.3
LIVERMORE Livermore earthquake, California ISC1977:06:2102:43:0537.6 N121.8 W
MISTRETTA Mistretta earthquake, Sicily ISC1977:06:0513:59:2237.8 N 14.5 E4.8
SOLTAU Soltau earthquake, Germany ISC1977:06:0213:32:1553.1 N 9.5 E
NINGHE Ninghe earthquake, northeastern China ISC1977:05:1211:17:5039.3 N117.7 E5.6
NAGHAN Naghan earthquake, Iran ISC1977:04:0613:36:3832.0 N 50.7 E5.4
LUBIN Lubin earthquake, Poland ISC1977:03:2407:32:2551.5 N 16.1 E4.8
KHURGU Khurgu (North Bandar-Abb\=as) earthquake, Iran ISC1977:03:2121:18:5427.6 N 56.4 E6.2
ROMANIAN Romanian earthquake NEIS1977:03:0419:21:5445.8 N 26.8 E6.4
BELLINGSHAUSEN Bellingshausen Sea earthquake, Antarctic ISC1977:02:0503:29:1966.5 S 82.5 W6.1
TADZHIK Northern Tadzhikistan earthquake, USSR ISC1977:01:3114:26:1540.1 N 70.9 E6.0
MENDOZA77 Earthquake in Mendoza Province, Argentina ISC1977:01:2500:51:0333.6 S 68.3 W5.4
BRIONES Briones Hills earthquake swarm, California ISC1977:01:0809:38:0537.9 N122.2 W
SGEORGIA Southern Georgia earthquake, USA NEIS1976:12:2706:57:1432.2 N 82.5 W
KILAUEA76 Earthquake near Kilauea volcano, Hawaii ISC1976:12:1814:00:5919.3 N155.4 W4.9
KORAKONUI Korakonui earthquake, New Zealand ISC1976:12:0504:57:1838.2 S175.6 E
MUTSUBAY Mutsu Bay earthquake, Japan ISC1976:11:2812:53:2841.2 N140.7 E5.0
LAKEVAN Lake Van earthquake, Turkey NEIS1976:11:2412:22:1939.1 N 44.0 E6.1
NINGHE2 Ninghe aftershock, northeastern China ISC1976:11:1513:53:0339.5 N117.7 E6.0
BRAWLEY2 Brawley earthquake, California, USA ISC1976:11:0410:41:3733.0 N115.8 W4.7
WIDNES Widnes earthquake, UK NEIS1976:11:0309:58:0853.6 N 2.6 W
FINLAND Gulf of Finland earthquake ISC1976:10:2508:39:4559.2 N 23.6 E4.4
FRIULI4 Friuli earthquake, Italy, aftershock ISC1976:09:1503:15:1946.3 N 13.2 E5.7
TIBET Tibet earthquake ISC1976:09:1406:43:5229.8 N 89.6 E5.4
FRIULI3 Friuli earthquake, Italy, aftershock ISC1976:09:1116:35:0446.3 N 13.2 E5.3
FRIULI2 Friuli earthquake, Italy, aftershock ISC1976:09:1116:31:1146.3 N 13.2 E5.0
ORADOUR Oradour-sur-Vayres earthquake, France NEIS1976:09:0819:54:4245.7 N 1.0 E
SONGPAN3 Songpan earthquake sequence, China ISC1976:08:2303:30:0632.5 N104.2 E6.2
SONGPAN2 Songpan earthquake sequence, China ISC1976:08:2121:49:5232.6 N104.2 E6.0
MINDANAO Mindanao earthquake and tsunami, Philippines NEIS1976:08:1616:11:07 6.3 N124.0 E6.4
SONGPAN Songpan earthquake, Szechwan Province, China ISC1976:08:1614:06:4532.8 N104.1 E6.1
BILLET Nuclear explosion BILLET, Nevada Test Site ERDA1976:07:2720:30:0037.1 N116.0 W
TANGSHAN T'ang-shan earthquake, China ISC1976:07:2719:42:5439.6 N117.9 E6.1
NCALIFORNIA76 Earthquake off the North California coast ISC1976:07:0610:33:3341.8 N126.8 W4.8
SUSANVILLE Susanville earthquake sequence, California ISC1976:06:2010:15:2440.4 N120.6 W
YAMANASHI Eastern Yamanashi Prefecture earthquake, Japan ISC1976:06:1522:36:2135.5 N139.1 E5.4
YUNNAN Yunnan earthquake, China ISC1976:05:2912:23:1824.5 N 99.0 E5.9
GAZLI Gazli earthquake, Uzbekistan, USSR ISC1976:05:1702:58:4140.4 N 63.5 E6.2
COLOMBIA76 Earthquake in northern Colombia ISC1976:05:1216:42:15 7.4 N 75.0 W5.1
FRIULI Friuli earthquake, Italy ISC1976:05:0620:00:1246.4 N 13.3 E5.9
MILFORDSOUND Milford Sound earthquake, South Island, New Zealand ISC1976:05:0413:56:3044.6 S167.6 E5.8
GAZLI76B Gazli earthquake, Uzbekistan, USSR ISC1976:04:0802:59:0140.2 N 63.8 E6.0
GAZLI2 Gazli earthquake, Kyzylkum, Uzbekistan, USSR ISC1976:04:0802:40:2440.3 N 63.7 E6.2
KERMADEC Kermadec Islands earthquake ISC1976:03:2404:46:0929.9 S177.8 W6.2
KHULM Khulm (Tash Kurghan) earthquake, Afghanistan ISC1976:03:1913:03:3636.6 N 67.8 E5.5
STRAIT Nuclear explosion STRAIT, Nevada Test Site AEC1976:03:1714:45:0037.1 N116.1 W
LAKEPUKAKI Lake Pukaki earthquake, New Zealand ISC1976:03:1713:27:0844.0 S169.6 E
POOL Nuclear explosion POOL, Nevada Test Site AEC1976:03:1314:15:0037.3 N116.3 W
PORTSMOUTHRI Portsmouth, Rhode Island, earthquake, USA ISC1976:03:1108:29:2841.4 N 71.0 W
COCHABAMBA Cochabamba earthquake, Bolivia ISC1976:02:2208:09:2318.3 S 65.4 W5.2
NEWGUINEA76 Earthquake in eastern New Guinea ISC1976:02:0616:53:51 6.0 S146.3 E5.9
GUATEMALA Guatemala earthquake ISC1976:02:0409:01:4415.3 N 89.2 W6.0
CHINO Chino Valley earthquake, Arizona ISC1976:02:0400:04:5934.7 N112.6 W4.8
ESIBERIA76 Earthquake in eastern Siberia ISC1976:01:2106:01:4967.7 N140.0 E5.0
SVALBARD Svalbard earthquake ISC1976:01:1804:46:2677.8 N 18.3 E5.5
ICELAND Iceland earthquake ISC1976:01:1313:29:1666.3 N 16.5 W5.9
GOAT7512 Goat Mountain earthquake, California ISC1975:12:1418:16:1734.2 N116.3 W
HILO Hilo earthquake, Hawaii ISC1975:11:2914:47:4119.5 N155.1 W5.9
HILO2 Hilo earthquake, Hawaii ISC1975:11:2913:35:4119.5 N155.2 W5.7
GOAT7511 Goat Mountain earthquake, California ISC1975:11:1506:13:2634.2 N116.4 W4.4
ROORKEE Roorkee earthquake, India ISC1975:11:0600:11:3029.6 N 77.9 E4.8
ECHZELL Echzell-Wetterau earthquake, Germany ISC1975:11:0408:30:1450.3 N 8.8 E
QUEBEC Quebec earthquake, Canada ISC1975:10:2321:17:4249.9 N 68.6 W
NOVZEM75 Novaya Zemla underground explosion, USSR ISC1975:10:1808:59:5770.8 N 53.5 E6.7
LICE Lice earthquake, Turkey ISC1975:09:0609:20:1238.5 N 40.8 E6.0
OROVILLE75 Oroville aftershock, California ISC1975:08:1106:11:3639.4 N121.6 W4.8
NORTHCALIF Oroville earthquake, California, aftershock ISC1975:08:0603:50:2839.5 N121.7 W5.0
HORSECANYON Horse Canyon earthquake, southern California ISC1975:08:0200:14:0633.5 N116.6 W
OROVILLE Oroville earthquake, California, USA ISC1975:08:0120:20:1439.5 N121.5 W5.7
SOLOMON75A Earthquake, Solomon Islands ISC1975:07:2019:54:29 7.2 S155.2 E6.1
BOUGAINVILLE Bougainville Island earthquake, Solomon Islands ISC1975:07:2014:37:41 6.6 S155.1 E6.5
MANIWAKI Maniwaki earthquake, Quebec Province, Canada ISC1975:07:1212:37:1146.6 N 76.2 W
BALLENAS Canal de las Ballenas earthquake, Gulf of California ISC1975:07:0809:37:2929.5 N113.4 W5.6
YELLOWSTONE Yellowstone National Park earthquake, Wyoming, USA ISC1975:06:3018:54:1444.7 N110.7 W5.3
CAMEMBERT Nuclear explosion CAMEMBERT, Nevada Test Site AEC1975:06:2612:30:0037.3 N116.4 W
MAST Nuclear explosion MAST, Nevada Test Site AEC1975:06:1913:00:0037.4 N116.3 W
NEWMADRID New Madrid earthquake, Missouri, USA ISC1975:06:1322:40:2436.6 N 89.7 W
KURILS Kuril Islands earthquake ISC1975:06:1318:08:1843.3 N147.4 E5.9
KURILS2 Hokkaid\=o earthquake and tsunami, Japan ISC1975:06:1013:47:1943.2 N147.4 E5.6
NORTHERNCALIF Northern California earthquake, USA ISC1975:06:0708:46:2040.6 N124.2 W5.4
GALWAYLAKE Galway Lake earthquake, California ISC1975:06:0101:38:4934.5 N116.6 W4.7
OITA Oita earthquake, Japan ISC1975:04:2017:35:5233.1 N131.3 E5.5
JANMAYEN Jan Mayen Island earthquake, Arctic Ocean ISC1975:04:1601:27:1971.5 N 10.4 W6.0
POCATELLO Pocatello Valley earthquake, Idaho ISC1975:03:2802:31:0642.0 N112.4 W5.8
GELIBOLU Gelibolu earthquake, Turkey ISC1975:03:2705:15:0840.5 N 26.1 E5.5
NEITALY75 Northeastern Italy earthquake ISC1975:03:2402:33:1946.3 N 13.1 E4.0
BANDAR ABBAS Bandar-Abb\=as earthquake, Iran ISC1975:03:0707:04:4327.5 N 56.3 E5.8
VRANCEA Vrancea earthquake, Romania ISC1975:03:0704:13:0345.9 N 26.7 E4.9
THAILAND75 Earthquake near the Thailand/Burma border ISC1975:02:1703:38:2017.7 N 97.8 E5.5
NTARANAKI North Taranaki earthquake, New Zealand ISC1975:02:0715:19:4439.3 S174.4 E
HAICHENG Haicheng earthquake, China ISC1975:02:0411:36:0640.7 N122.6 E6.1
ASO75 Aso earthquake, Japan ISC1975:01:2314:19:1733.0 N131.1 E5.0
BRAWLEY Brawley earthquake sequence, California ISC1975:01:2116:47:3232.7 N115.2 W
KINNAUR Kinnaur earthquake, Kashmir-Tibet border region ISC1975:01:1908:01:5832.4 N 78.5 E6.2
REGGIOCALAB75 Reggio Calabria earthquake, Italy ISC1975:01:1600:09:4838.1 N 15.7 E4.6
BUYNAKSK Buynaksk earthquake, eastern Caucasus ISC1975:01:1001:29:2343.0 N 47.1 E4.9
NPAKISTAN74 Northern Pakistan earthquake ISC1974:12:2812:11:4735.1 N 72.9 E5.9
CERRETOSPOLETO Cerreto di Spoleto earthquake, Italy ISC1974:12:0201:55:1642.8 N 12.9 E
HOLLISTER Hollister earthquake, California ISC1974:11:2823:01:2436.8 N121.6 W4.8
CHARLESTON74 Charleston, South Carolina, earthquake, USA ISC1974:11:2205:25:5633.1 N 80.1 W4.2
LIMA74B Earthquake near coast of Peru ISC1974:11:0912:59:5112.4 S 77.5 W6.0
OPUNAKE74 Opunake earthquake, New Zealand ISC1974:11:0510:38:4039.8 S173.3 E5.2
NOVZEM74 Novaya Zemla underground explosion, USSR ISC1974:11:0204:59:5770.8 N 53.9 E6.4
ANTARCTIC Antarctic earthquake ISC1974:10:1507:31:4370.6 S161.3 E4.7
ANTIGUA74 Antigua earthquake, West Indies ISC1974:10:0809:50:5817.4 N 62.0 W6.4
ACAPULCO Acapulco earthquake, Mexico ISC1974:10:0617:09:3917.0 N100.1 W5.1
LIMA Lima earthquake, Peru ISC1974:10:0314:21:2912.2 S 77.6 W6.2
KURILS3 Kuril Islands earthquake ISC1974:09:2705:47:2443.1 N146.6 E6.0
KINTAIL74 Kintail earthquake, Scotland IGS1974:08:0618:17:3857.2 N 5.4 W
GEORGIASCAROL Georgia-South Carolina border earthquake ISC1974:08:0208:52:0934.1 N 82.5 W4.1
BORGARFJORDUR Borgarfj\"ordur earthquake, Iceland ISC1974:06:1217:55:0964.8 N 21.1 W5.5
WAPPINGERS Wappingers Falls earthquake, New York State, USA ISC1974:06:0719:45:3441.5 N 73.9 W
NUCLEARINDIA Nuclear explosion in India ISC1974:05:1802:34:5527.0 N 71.8 E4.9
YUNGSHAN Yungshan-Daguan earthquake, China ISC1974:05:1019:25:1728.2 N104.0 E5.8
IZUHANTO Izu-Hanto-oki earthquake, Japan ISC1974:05:0823:33:2734.6 N138.8 E5.8
DUNEDIN Dunedin earthquake, New Zealand ISC1974:04:0907:49:4645.8 S170.5 E
SOLOMON74B Solomon Islands earthquake ISC1974:02:0103:12:31 7.3 S155.6 E6.2
IZMIR Izmir earthquake, Turkey ISC1974:02:0100:01:0238.6 N 27.2 E5.2
SOLOMON74A Solomon Islands earthquake ISC1974:01:3123:30:05 7.4 S155.9 E5.9
KYZYLKUM Kyzylkum earthquake, Uzbekistan ISC1974:01:1022:23:2442.5 N 65.5 E
ETENNESSEE Eastern Tennessee earthquake, USA ISC1973:11:3007:48:3936.0 N 83.9 W
TERRACE Terrace earthquake, British Columbia, Canada ISC1973:11:0512:36:1854.7 N128.4 W
ZEYA Zeya earthquake, USSR ISC1973:11:0207:31:3354.0 N125.8 E4.9
NOVZEM73 Novaya Zemlya explosion, USSR ISC1973:10:2706:59:5870.8 N 53.9 E6.9
FLORIDA73 Florida earthquake, USA NEIS1973:10:2706:21:0828.7 N 81.0 W
SBOLIVIA73 Earthquake in southern Bolivia ISC1973:10:2514:08:5922.0 S 63.7 W6.1
VLADIVOSTOCK Vladivostock earthquake, USSR ISC1973:09:2900:44:0041.9 N131.0 E5.3
NKOREA73 North Korea earthquake ISC1973:09:2800:44:0041.9 N131.0 E6.3
YAMASAKI Yamasaki earthquake, Japan ISC1973:09:2102:21:0735.1 N134.5 E4.9
AGUACALIENTE Agua Caliente Springs earthquake, California, USA ISC1973:09:1317:30:3732.8 N116.3 W
NOVZEM73A Novaya Zemla underground explosion, USSR ISC1973:09:1206:59:5573.3 N 55.0 E6.8
VLADIVOSTOCK73 Vladivostock earthquake, USSR ISC1973:09:1007:43:3242.5 N131.1 E5.8
JORDAN Jordan Valley earthquake ISC1973:09:0204:01:2932.8 N 35.3 E
COLOMBIA73 Earthquake in northern Colombia ISC1973:08:3018:25:42 7.2 N 72.9 W5.7
PUEBLA Puebla earthquake, Mexico ISC1973:08:2809:50:3918.3 N 96.6 W6.6
MTRAINIER Mt. Rainier earthquake, Washington State, USA NEIS1973:07:1821:58:0546.8 N121.8 W4.0
BLUEMT Blue Mountain Lake earthquake, New York State ISC1973:07:1508:20:2943.9 N 74.4 W
KURILS4 Kuril Islands earthquake ISC1973:06:2622:31:5543.0 N146.7 E5.8
KURILS5 Kuril Islands earthquake ISC1973:06:2402:43:2343.3 N146.4 E6.3
NEMUROOKI Nemuro-Oki earthquake, Japan ISC1973:06:1703:55:0243.1 N145.7 E6.5
QUEBECMAINE Quebec-Maine border earthquake ISC1973:06:1501:09:0445.2 N 71.1 W4.8
HONOMU Honomu (Hilo) earthquake, Hawaii ISC1973:04:2620:26:2720.1 N155.2 W5.9
SYDNEY Sydney earthquake, New South Wales, Australia ISC1973:03:0919:09:1434.0 S150.0 E5.4
DELAWARE Delaware-New Jersey earthquake, USA ISC1973:02:2808:21:3239.6 N 75.4 W
PARAMUSHIR Paramushir Island earthquake, Kuril Islands, USSR ISC1973:02:2806:37:5450.5 N156.6 E6.0
POINTMUGU Point Mugu earthquake, California ISC1973:02:2114:45:5734.1 N119.0 W5.6
COLIMA73A Colima aftershock, Mexico ISC1973:02:1011:53:2918.8 N103.8 W5.6
LUHUO Lu Huo earthquake, China ISC1973:02:0610:37:0731.3 N100.5 E5.9
COLIMA73 Colima earthquake, Mexico ISC1973:01:3021:01:1418.5 N102.9 W6.1
MANAGUA Managua earthquake, Nicaragua ISC1972:12:2306:29:4312.3 N 86.1 W5.5
HACHIJOJIMA7212Hachij o-jima earthquake, Japan ISC1972:12:0410:16:1233.3 N140.8 E6.7
MINDANAO72 Mindanao earthquake and tsunami ISC1972:12:0200:19:52 6.4 N126.6 E6.0
OSCURO Nuclear explosion OSCURO AEC1972:09:2115:30:0037.1 N116.0 W
KEFALLINIA72 Kefallin\'ia earthquake, Greece ISC1972:09:1714:07:1538.4 N 20.3 E5.6
BEARVAL7209 Bear Valley earthquake, California NEIS1972:09:0418:04:3936.5 N121.4 W
KASHMIR Kashmir earthquake ISC1972:09:0316:48:3035.9 N 73.3 E6.2
SIMPSON Simpson Desert earthquake, Australia ISC1972:08:2802:18:5925.0 S136.4 E5.6
KAZAKHSTAN72 Underground nuclear explosion, eastern Kazakhstan ISC1972:08:1603:16:5849.8 N 78.1 E5.0
SITKA Sitka earthquake, Alaska, USA ISC1972:07:3021:45:1656.8 N135.9 W6.2
VANCOUVER Vancouver Island earthquake, Canada ISC1972:07:0510:16:3949.5 N127.2 W5.6
TENTON 10 ton explosion off Scotland IGS1972:06:1116:07:5757.1 N 6.2 W
BULGREECEYUG Bulgaria-Greece-Yugoslavia border region earthquake ISC1972:05:0809:20:5541.7 N 23.6 E4.9
SEEBENSTEIN Seebenstein earthquake, Austria ISC1972:04:1610:10:0447.8 N 16.0 E4.7
QIR Ghir (Qir) earthquake, Iran ISC1972:04:1002:06:5028.4 N 52.8 E6.0
BANDASEA72 Earthquake in the Banda Sea ISC1972:04:0422:43:07 7.4 S125.6 E6.1
GLENALMOND Glenalmond earthquake series, Scotland IGS1972:03:2120:59:5356.6 N 3.8 W
HACHIJOJIMA7202Hachij o-jima earthquake, Japan ISC1972:02:2909:22:5933.4 N141.0 E6.5
KARGY Kargy earthquake, USSR-Mongolia border region ISC1972:02:2623:31:1055.6 N 97.1 E5.3
BEARVAL7202 Bear Valley earthquake, California ISC1972:02:2415:56:4936.4 N121.4 W4.5
KUBA Kuba earthquake, USSR ISC1971:12:2001:29:1441.2 N 48.4 E5.1
USTKAMCHAT Ust'-Kamchatsk earthquake, USSR ISC1971:12:1508:29:5756.0 N163.2 E6.2
PETKAMCHAT Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii earthquake, USSR ISC1971:11:2419:35:2952.9 N159.2 E6.4
CANNIKIN Nuclear explosion CANNIKIN AEC1971:11:0622:00:0051.5 N179.1 E
STAVROPOL Stavropol' earthquake, USSR ISC1971:10:0210:56:4545.1 N 42.2 E
MONERON Moneron earthquake, USSR ISC1971:09:0518:35:2746.5 N141.2 E6.0
NSOLOMON North Solomon Sea earthquake, Pacific Ocean ISC1971:07:2601:23:21 4.9 S153.2 E6.6
BOUGISL Bougainville Island earthquake, Solomon Islands ISC1971:07:1406:11:29 5.5 S153.9 E6.0
JEURRE Jeurre earthquake, France ISC1971:06:2107:25:2946.4 N 5.8 E4.4
HINDUKUSH71 Hindu Kush earthquake ISC1971:06:1009:42:5136.6 N 71.7 E4.3
DZHAMBUL Dzhambul earthquake, USSR ISC1971:05:1014:51:4542.9 N 71.3 E5.6
ADEN71 Gulf of Aden earthquake ISC1971:04:1518:57:2712.8 N 48.6 E4.7
FIJI71 Earthquake south of Fiji ISC1971:02:1507:51:0225.2 S178.4 E5.7
SANFERNANDO San Fernando earthquake, USA ISC1971:02:0914:00:4134.4 N118.4 W6.2
SEAOKHOTSK71 Sea of Okhotsk earthquake ISC1971:01:2921:58:0351.7 N151.0 E6.0
SOCHI Sochi earthquake, USSR ISC1970:12:0401:59:3043.8 N 39.3 E4.8
MADANG Madang earthquake, New Guinea ISC1970:10:3117:53:11 5.0 S145.5 E6.0
AKITA Akita Prefecture earthquake, Japan ISC1970:10:1605:26:1539.3 N140.7 E5.8
LOPNOR Lop Nor atmospheric nuclear explosion, China ISC1970:10:1407:29:5940.9 N 89.4 E
SEAOKHOTSK70 Sea of Okhotsk earthquake ISC1970:09:0507:52:2752.3 N151.5 E5.7
BADZHAL Badzhal earthquake, USSR ISC1970:08:2914:59:2451.1 N135.3 E5.4
GACKO Gacko earthquake, Yugoslavia ISC1970:08:2501:40:1243.3 N 18.4 E4.7
COLOMBIAN70 Colombian earthquake ISC1970:07:3117:08:05 1.5 S 72.6 W6.5
NAGALAND Nagaland earthquake, India-Burma border region ISC1970:07:2910:16:2026.0 N 95.4 E6.4
SARYKAMYSH Sarykamysh (Przheval'sk) earthquake, USSR ISC1970:06:0504:53:0742.5 N 78.7 E5.9
PERU70 Earthquake in Peru ISC1970:05:3120:23:28 9.2 S 78.8 W6.4
DAGESTAN Dagestan earthquake, USSR ISC1970:05:1418:12:2743.1 N 47.1 E5.6
GEDIZ Gediz earthquake, Turkey ISC1970:03:2821:02:2439.2 N 29.5 E6.0
HANDLEY Nuclear explosion HANDLEY AEC1970:03:2619:00:0037.3 N116.5 W
EASTCANNING East Canning Basin earthquake, Australia ISC1970:03:2410:35:1722.1 S126.7 E6.1
BORZHOMI Borzhomi earthquake, Georgia ISC1970:01:0306:54:4641.8 N 43.4 E5.1
GIFU Gifu earthquake, Japan ISC1969:09:0905:15:4035.8 N137.1 E5.5
EASTKAZAKHSTAN East Kazakhstan event, USSR ISC1969:05:0104:00:1144.1 N 77.7 E4.8