July - September 1997


Since July 1st, one bi-monthly issue of the Bulletin was published and distributed. It contained the data for 1995 May-June and included the hypocentres and associated observations for 10,696 events. The master copy of the Bulletin for 1995 July-August has been sent to press. It contained the data for 9750 shocks.

The most noteworthy events in this period were a powerful event on 1995 July 30th near the coast of northern Chile causing fatalities and damage in the Antofagusta area and a significant aftershock sequence. On 1995 July 11th and 21st two major earthquakes occurred in China. The first caused loss of life and much property damage on the border of China with Myanmar. The second was in Gansu Province and also caused damage and loss of life. On 1995 August 27th a major deep shock in the Marianas Islands was felt on Saipan.

The input data were assembled for the data months 1995 September and October amounting to a total of 426,043 records. The two most powerful events in this period occurred on the coast of Mexico. The first on 1995 September 14th caused much damage and some fatalities in Guerrero and the second also caused much damage in Jalisco. 1995 October is a very active month with large destructive events in Turkey on October 1st and Ecuador on October 3rd both followed by significant aftershock sequences. Other damaging events occurred in Southern Sumatera on 1995 October 6th, in the Ryukyu Islands on 1995 October 18th and in Yunnan, China on 1995 October 23rd.


The issue for 1995 January-June was distributed in 1997 September. The input data for 1995 July and August were assembled for the next issue, that for 1995 July-December.


This series ceased to be compiled from the end of 1995. Records for the historical bibliography were keyed for 1956.

Other Activities

At the IASPEI Assembly in 1997 August in Thessaloniki, Greece, at which ISC was represented by four members of staff, three new CD-ROM's were made available containing the Bulletin data for 1964-77, 1978-85 and 1994. The last one also contains the Regional Catalogue data 1964-94, the Bibliography of Seismology 1959-95 and SEISAN software suite. A quotation from SUN Microsystems has been obtained for the cost of the initial workstations of the new computing system. The US National Science Foundation has indicated that it will be funding ISC in the years 1998-2000 at the level requested by Governing Council.

Anthony A Hughes

September 30th 1997